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    Colombia gives 48 hours to those who occupy farms and land illegally to leave them

    The Vice President of Colombia, Francia Marquez. – CHEPA BELTRAN / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

    The Government of Colombia has condemned the invasion of farms and land that has been denounced in some regions of the country and has given 48 hours to those who are occupying them to leave them, since this type of action puts at risk the policies that they have planned. to deliver land.

    “These are unacceptable practices for this Government, in such a way that the Police forces must act to prevent the occupation of these lands and within the following 48 hours, as established by law, take all the measures and actions necessary to evict them,” Defense Minister Ivan Velasquez has said.

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    The vice president of Colombia, Francia Marquez, has also expressed herself along these lines, asking those who “today are violently and inappropriately invading private premises” to “refrain from carrying out this practice.”

    “The Constitution demands the guarantee of the social, cultural and economic rights of all Colombians, but also respect for private property,” recalled the vice president of Colombia, reports the RCN radio station.

    The new Government of Casa Narino has recalled that those properties that are in the hands of the Special Assets Society (SAE) will be allocated to the most vulnerable sectors of Colombian society, such as young entrepreneurs, cooperatives, women and those who live in areas of high risk.

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    However, it has detailed that “many of these properties” are still in the “domain extinction” phase and that once they are part of the SAE, an analysis must be made for their delivery “to those who need it most, within our policy of equity and democratization of property”.

    Source: Europa Press


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