News Latin America Colombia approves the ‘total peace’ law that allows dialogue with armed groups

Colombia approves the ‘total peace’ law that allows dialogue with armed groups

The Chamber of Representatives of Colombia approves the project of ‘total peace’ – CHAMBER OF REPRESENTATIVES OF COLOMBIA

The Chamber of Representatives of Colombia has approved this Wednesday the bill with which the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, is empowered to begin negotiations with the different armed groups in the country.

The bill has been approved in the lower house with the vote in favor of 125 parliamentarians, while only 13 of the congressmen have voted against, after the approval of the Colombian Senate on Monday.

The so-called ‘total peace’ thus becomes law, so that the governments succeeding Petro’s will be obliged to keep the negotiations in force and comply with the agreements reached.

This law encourages the start of peace talks with armed and political organizations, such as the ELN or the FARC dissidents, as well as approaching high-impact criminal structures so that they demobilize.

In this sense, both the Government and the armed groups have to appoint representatives to create a peace cabinet in which development plans with public policies are implemented.

“It is a message to Colombia, for the popular vote on June 19 that led Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez to be president and vice president of Colombia with the enormous commitment to seek a comprehensive peace, without exclusions, an inclusive peace, a total peace for Colombia”, said the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, in statements collected by RCN Radio.

Likewise, Congress has rescued the proposal for the gradual elimination of compulsory military service, which the Senate had overthrown, by approving social service for peace as an alternative.

“Very good for the House of Representatives for defending the articles of social service for Peace for youth. Undoubtedly, opening up possibilities to youth is the best path for Colombia,” Petro celebrated on his Twitter social network profile.

For his part, the Minister of Defense, Ivan Velasquez, has indicated that the country needs an “Army of professionals and not one composed of a high number of high school graduates, which causes a large number of deaths, victims of the conflict and violence”, picks up the RCN station.



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