NewsLatin AmericaColombia achieves the release of 18 young people kidnapped by one of the FARC dissidents

Colombia achieves the release of 18 young people kidnapped by one of the FARC dissidents

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The Colombian authorities have managed to free some twenty young people who were being held in the town of Tolima, in the southern Colombian Pacific, by the ‘Ivan Rios’ column of the Second Marquetalia, one of the main guerrilla dissidents. of disappeared from the FARC.

The Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo, has reported that the release of these 18 people has been achieved after gaining access “to one of the most remote areas of the rural area of ​​the municipality.” The captives fell into the hands of this illegal group after several armed clashes in the area.

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“From the Ombudsman’s Office we will continue to have all our humanitarian channels and our institutional capacity to facilitate from the territories the releases and the safe return of people who are in the hands of illegal armed groups,” Camargo remarked.

In this sense, Camargo has once again asked these armed groups to show that they want to achieve peace so that they can be taken into account as gestures of goodwill in subsequent negotiations with the Government.

Last week, the government of Gustavo Petro and the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) began the first peace talks in Caracas four years after the last time they sat down to negotiate in Havana.

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Although Petro’s so-called “total peace” law only concerns armed groups of a political nature such as the ELN, the government has encouraged FARC dissidents –which it does not include in this group– to show signs of a rapprochement and they can sit down to negotiate the definitive cessation of the internal struggle that the Colombian State has dragged on for more than half a century.


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