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    TechnologyChrome for desktop introduces new modes to save battery and system memory

    Chrome for desktop introduces new modes to save battery and system memory

    Memory saving mode in Chrome – GOOGLE

    Google has introduced Chrome performance improvements in the desktop version, with the aim of optimizing the energy and memory consumption of the computer system where the browser is used.

    Chrome settings have two new saving modes digested one by one the system memory and the other to Batterywhich have been implemented with the latest version of the desktop browser and will roll out in the coming weeks for Windows, macOS and ChromeOS.

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    memory saving mode free tab memory that the user has open in the browser that are not in use, which improves navigation on the websites that they are visiting. Specifically, with this setting, Chrome can use up to 40 percent less or 10GB less memory, as the company details on its official blog.

    The second setting targets extend battery life when it is close to depletion. When your computer reaches a 20 percent battery level, Chrome will limit background activity and some website visuals to reduce power consumption.

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