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    NewsUSAChris Rock Says The Film Academy Offered Him To Host The Oscar Ceremony

    Chris Rock Says The Film Academy Offered Him To Host The Oscar Ceremony

    Chris Rock backstage at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles at the Oscars on March 28.Handout (AMPAS via Getty Images)

    Chris Rock said Sunday night that the Hollywood Film Academy offered him to host the 2023 ceremony. The awards have not been the same since Will Smith got up from his seat on March 27 at the gala to slap Rock for a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Amith. The comedian, who has been filling theaters across the country with his monologues for months, assured his audience in Phoenix, Arizona that he declined the offer. This is not the only one that has come after the moment of violence that overshadowed the awards ceremony. Rock also claimed that a company, which he did not disclose, approached him to make an ad for the Super Bowl to be played in Arizona in February 2023. To this he also said no.

    Rumor had it as early as May that the Academy had offered Rock to host next year’s Oscars as a way of recognizing his mettle onstage after Smith’s coup. Neither side had previously confirmed this proposal, but Rock spoke of it briefly on stage at the Arizona Financial Theater, according to the newspaper. Central Arizona.

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    According to this medium, Rock estimates that returning to the gala would be like returning to a crime scene. He compared the situation to the notorious case of OJ Simpson, the football player accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and his friend, Ron Goldman, a waiter at an Italian restaurant in the Brentwood area, in The Angels.

    This double homicide originated at the Mezzaluna restaurant, where Nicole dined the night she was murdered, in June 1994. She allegedly left her glasses at the restaurant and Goldman, 25, went to her house to return them. Hours later, both would be found dead at Brown’s residence. “It would be like asking Nicole to go back to the restaurant,” Rock joked.

    The comedian, however, will visit the crime scene again. His tour ego-death (the death of the ego) has five November dates scheduled at the Dolby Theater, the same place where the Oscars are held. Ticket prices have skyrocketed since March, topping $1,300. It has been in these monologues that Rock has commented, always briefly, on his opinion of what happened that night.

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    Smith broke his silence in late July. The star, who won the Best Actor award the same night as the outburst, posted a video on his social networks with a new apology for Rock. “My behavior was unacceptable and I’m here when you’re ready for us to talk about it,” said the artist, who was suspended for 10 years from any event organized by the Film Academy. “I am deeply sorry, and I am trying to be sorry without feeling ashamed of myself. I’m human, I made a mistake and I’m trying not to think of myself as a piece of shit, “says the actor, who answered some questions in a six-minute excerpt posted on Instagram and YouTube.

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    Rock reminded his viewers that Will Smith, who is over 6 feet tall, embodied boxing legend Muhammad Ali for the big screen. “He is bigger than me… the Government of Nevada would not allow a fight between Will Smith and me,” added the humorist, referring to Las Vegas, where the great boxing matches are held in the United States.

    In accordance with Variety, the entertainment industry publication, Smith’s image was heavily affected after the incident. Before the slap, the star was in a select group of the most reputable movie stars alongside Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, Keanu Reeves and Dwayne Johnson. But the blow to Rock caused his score to plummet 15 points in a survey known as the Q Score, which measures image and reputation and is used by studios and people in the industry. His negatives shot up 16%, according to this same sample, which includes 1,800 people. Chris Rock’s data, on the other hand, showed no variation.


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