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    NewsWorldChina presents its peace plan for Ukraine

    China presents its peace plan for Ukraine

    China makes public its peace plan for Ukraine two days after the meeting between the head of Chinese diplomacy and President Putin in Moscow… also coinciding with the anniversary of the Russian invasion.

    China unveils its 12-point peace plan

    Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the twelve points of the plan at a press conference. Listed by the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, they reflect the ambiguity that Beijing has maintained on the matter since the outbreak of the war: it supports Ukraine’s sovereignty, but considers Russia’s security concerns legitimate, and at no time does it speak of aggressor and assaulted.

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    China calls for the cessation of hostilities and asks the parties to sit down immediately to negotiate. It also warns against the use of nuclear weapons. Ukraine views China’s move as positive, but doubts its supposed neutrality.

    If China remains neutral, it will have to talk to both sides.

    “China should do everything in its power to stop the war and restore peace in Ukraine and urge Russia to withdraw its troops. In my opinion, if it remains neutral, China should talk to both sides: Russia and Ukraine. And for now we see that the Chinese side talks mostly with Russia, but not with Ukraine,” said Zhanna Leshchynska, in charge of Ukrainian affairs in China.

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    The Chinese plan advocates ensuring the stability of industrial and supply chains, as well as guaranteeing the export of cereals. Beijing also supports aid to refugees and the reconstruction of Ukraine after the conflict.

    Source: Euronews Español


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