News USA China detains an alleged Chinese spy who supplied information to the CIA

China detains an alleged Chinese spy who supplied information to the CIA

China detains an alleged Chinese spy who supplied information to the CIA

China has reported this Friday that it has detained an alleged Chinese spy who worked for an arms company and who has been accused of providing “confidential” information to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The Ministry of State Security has indicated in a statement that a 52-year-old Chinese national, identified as Zeng, was sent by his company to study in Italy, where he met Seth, an official of the US Embassy in the European country.

The two became friends and, after a series of dinners, parties, trips and visits to the opera, Seth gained the trust of Zeng, who eventually became “psychologically dependent” on him, leaning towards a model of life with “Western values”. , has collected the newspaper ‘South China Morning Post’.

After gaining her trust, Seth revealed to her that he worked as a CIA agent in Rome and promised her a large sum of money in exchange for “confidential” military information. The US official also assured him that he would help him and his family leave China.

Zeng eventually agreed and signed an agreement with the CIA, after which he underwent a period of training. On his return to China, he met with intelligence agency personnel on several occasions, “supplying a large amount of information” and getting paid for it.

The Ministry of State Security has detailed that, after a “careful” investigation, they took “precautionary measures” and arrested Zeng for espionage. The case has been referred to Justice for further prosecution.

This comes after the US Department of Justice arrested two US Navy personnel in the state of California for transmitting sensitive military information to China.

Relations between Washington and Beijing have deteriorated in recent months due to trade frictions and international alliances that separate them, and ended up first derailing in August last year, with the visit to Taiwan of the then president of the lower house of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, and in February of this year with the demolition by the US Army of an alleged Chinese spy balloon — a meteorological probe, according to Beijing.



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