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    TechnologyChatGPT founder says Google has a "sleeping monopoly on search" and fuels war with Microsoft over artificial intelligence

    ChatGPT founder says Google has a “sleeping monopoly on search” and fuels war with Microsoft over artificial intelligence

    The CEO of Open AIthe company behind artificial intelligence tools like Imager Dall-E or the text generator ChatGPTSam Altman, has launched a small jab at Google, which he has described as a “sleepy search monopoly”.

    During an interview granted this Tuesday, Altman pointed out that, from his point of view, Microsoft’s decision to include OpenAI technology in its browser offers many advantages. The Redmond firm announced that same Tuesday the integration of an AI linguistic model into its “new” Bing search engine.

    Microsoft noted that the new version of Bing It has an artificial intelligence technology “more powerful than ChatGPT”. This OpenAI tool, which has been making headlines for months for its ability to do almost anything, is a text generator based on an AI linguistic model that can answer questions in a clear and simple way.

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    These are the 6 alternatives to ChatGPT: Microsoft’s commitment to OpenAI competes against giants such as Google or the Chinese technology Baidu

    Alternatives to ChatGPT.Alternatives to ChatGPT.

    “We’re going to find out what these new models are capable of, but if I were sitting in a sleepy search monopoly and I had to think about a world where there’s going to be a real change in the way monetization works, I wouldn’t feel very good about it,” Altman said in an interview with Ben Thompson for his newsletter. stratechery.

    Microsoft’s CTO, kevin scottalso defended in this newsletter that the company is well positioned to bring this new technology to the general public, adding that “the world of search that we have now is very different from the business that existed 20 years ago”, when Google barely I was beginning.

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    “There is so much value here that I find it inconceivable that we can’t find a way to ring the cash register“, joked the founder of OpenAI, later acknowledging that it is difficult to know how Google will adapt to this technology.

    The company run by sundar pichai It seems to show that concern that Altman refers to when it comes to maintaining the dominance of online searches. More than 91% of the queries that were made in the last 12 months worldwide were made through the Google search engine, while Bing barely managed to reach 3% of the total, according to data from SimilarWeb.

    ChatGPT has set off alarm bells at the offices of the Alphabet subsidiary. Apparently, Google issued a “code red” last December whereby Pichai ordered Google workers to develop better artificial intelligence products.

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    According to him New York Times, the tech giant even went so far as to enlist its co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, to help tackle this problem. Last week, the creator of Gmail, paul buchheitwarned that Google’s search business was only a year or two away from “total disruption” due to tools like ChatGPT.

    Alphabet announced this Monday its intention to present its proposal to fight against ChatGPT in the coming weeks, Bard.

    The Google CEO said Bard had already been made available to “trusted testers” and would be released to the public in the coming days. However, the text generator had an initial stumble in its presentation video that has caused Google’s shares to have fallen more than 8% so far.


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