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    SportsCanucks fan sends favorite Boudreau jersey 'Bruce, there he is'

    Canucks fan sends favorite Boudreau jersey ‘Bruce, there he is’

    Bruce Boudreau said his time in Vancouver “will be recorded in my memory books” and now he will have a tangible reminder in his home.

    Bruce Boudreau has a Vancouver Canucks piece in his home after a Canucks fan sent him a custom “Bruce, He’s There” T-shirt.

    Boudreau may have been the head coach of the Vancouver Canucks for just over 13 months, but he has left a distinct impression on Canucks fans.

    Usually when an NHL coach gets fired, the fans are ready to kick him out because it usually comes after a long time. In fact, fans often ask that the coach be fired first.

    Not this time.

    Canucks fans fell in love with Boudreau as he began his coaching season in Vancouver riding a seven-game winning streak and a nine-hit streak. In post-match interviews, he joked: He happily talked about his love for professional wrestling, and was ready to make funny cameos for Canucks fans.

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    Boudreau became so beloved that fans flocked to him at Canucks games chanting, “Bruce, there he is!” set to the tag team’s ’90s hit “Whoop! (There are).”

    This led to a Canucks season ticket holder with a passion for the jersey adopting the catchphrase “Bruce, he’s there” and getting his own custom jersey with the number “15” instead of the word “is.” A popular mantra.

    The fan, who goes by Chester Ming on Twitter, used to be He caused a stir with custom “Thanks Jim” T-shirts. He called for Jim Benning to be fired as the Canucks’ general manager. The “Bruce, it’s in” T-shirt is the other kind side of that T-shirt.

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    “I thought it would be a fun ‘positive’ follow-up to the ‘Thank You Jim’ T-shirt,” Chester said. “I got it first last Christmas during the seven-fight win streak at the start.”

    Canucks cameras capture the moment Boudreau signs a Chester jersey in the final home game of the 2021-22 season.

    While Boudreau initially said he didn’t like the “Bruce, it’s in” chant after his impressive performance with Boudreau in the 2021-22 season, he didn’t want it to divert players’ attention. .

    Boudreau appreciated that, especially toward the end of his tenure in Vancouver, as fans chanted for him during his final games as the Canucks’ head coach.

    “It’s amazing,” he said. “I’ve only been here for a year, but this will go down in my memory books in the 48 years I’ve played and coached, and it’s the most incredible thing I’ve personally experienced, other than winning. The championship, of course. It is very moving”.

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    After Crystal, Boudreau’s wife, He shared a message on Twitter thanking VancouverChester walked over, wondering if she wanted a Boudreau T-shirt.

    “I asked if it would mean anything if I wanted to give it to him,” Chester said. “I thought it would mean a lot more to them than it does to me right now.”

    Crystal Boudreau happily accepted the offer and the jersey arrived at her home on Wednesday.

    Chester said Boudreau’s plan was to hang the jersey in his house. Now Boudreau will always have a memory of the love of Canucks fans.

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