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    NewsUSACalifornia Prosecutor's Office requests to arrest former President Toledo and revoke his bond to be able to extradite him to Peru

    California Prosecutor’s Office requests to arrest former President Toledo and revoke his bond to be able to extradite him to Peru

    (CNN Spanish) –– The Federal Prosecutor for the Northern District of California presented this Wednesday a request to revoke the bail of Alejandro Toledo, former president of Peru, so that he can be arrested and later extradited to his country.

    Prosecutor Stephanie Hinds argued that once the ex-president’s extradition has been authorized, he should be placed in the custody of the US Marshals Service, so that the government can extradite him to Peru.

    Toledo remains under house arrest.

    CNN has tried to reach the former president, but has yet to receive a response.

    The hearing to define whether the former president’s bail will be revoked was set for March 9.

    This Tuesday, the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office reported that the United States Department of State granted the extradition of Toledo, who is accused of corruption in his country.

    Toledo is accused in Peru of collusion and money laundering, the Prosecutor’s Office said on Twitter. In this sense, he added that the agency’s Office for International Judicial Cooperation and Extraditions is coordinating with “national and foreign authorities for the upcoming execution of his extradition.”

    This Wednesday Ned Price, spokesman for the US Department of State, said that he does not “deny the internal process” but that he would not comment further on the subject since extraditions correspond to the Department of Justice, and they are the ones who must pronounce on it. CNN contacted the Justice Department and responded that it would not comment on the matter.

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