GamingBurnout: the famous racing game coming back soon? Criterion's response

Burnout: the famous racing game coming back soon? Criterion’s response

Burnout: the famous racing game coming back soon?  Criterion's response

If Criterion Games is behind Need For Speed ​​Unbounded, the British studio is best known for having created Burnout, the famous arcade racing game whose last major episode dates back to 2008 with Burnout Paradise. Naturally, our colleagues from Eurogamer took advantage of their interview with Kieran Crimmins, the creative director of Need For Speed ​​Unbounded, to ask him about a possible return to the series.

I hopehe replied. At the moment, this is not something we plan to do. I’m not saying this is the next game I’m working on. […] Now, the two games the studio has the most passion for are obviously Need For Speed ​​and Burnout. We love both of these licenses, Burnout having an approach to the racing game that I think would be absolutely phenomenal today. So what I’m telling you is I would love this [un retour de Burnout, ndlr]. If everything goes well with the games we are developing, and we have the opportunity to expand the team, maybe we can do it. It’s not in our immediate plans, but it would be really fun.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered

Note that Kieran Crimmins gave us the same speech when we interviewed him a few weeks ago. “Lhe list of games we would like to make is incredibly long, but among the ones we put at the top of this list is releasing a new Burnouthe then explained to Maxime. It’s a phenomenal game and it was really good to do it. And a lot of people are known to love Criterion for the Burnout franchise. But I repeat once again, we are not developing a new Burnout, are we?

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We recall that in recent years, Criterion Games has mainly supported other studios in the development of games such as Need For Speed ​​Rivals (2013), Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017), Battlefield 5 (2018), or Battlefield 2042 ( 2021). For the record, Need For Speed ​​Unbounded is expected for December 2 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS5 and PC.


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