NewsEuropeBrussels approves a tenth package of sanctions against Russia

Brussels approves a tenth package of sanctions against Russia

The 27 countries of the European Union have agreed to impose new sanctions against Russia, a decision deliberately timed to coincide with the first year of the war.

It is the tenth package since President Vladimir Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine and introduces a ban on the export of industrial goods worth 11 billion euros

The list includes electronic components, jet engines and antennas that Moscow will likely have a hard time replacing.

For the first time, the EU also extends sanctions to entities linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and thus targets those involved in the production of the drones that Russia is using in Ukraine.

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In addition, the blacklist has been expanded to include individuals and entities responsible for the illegal deportations of Ukrainian children.

The European Commission says it will keep up the pressure on Russia.

Some countries, including Poland, wanted more toughness. They called for the inclusion of the Russian nuclear sector, as well as a ban on the import of synthetic rubber used to make tires. Nor is the ban on the importation of Russian diamonds on the list, something Belgium opposes.

For its part, Hungary had asked to exclude several Russian names from the blacklist.

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He didn’t get it.

Source: Euronews Español


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