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Brazil resumes the path to the freedom that had been stolen

A woman with her face painted participates in a protest by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro.Antonio Lacerda (EFE)

The four years of the Bolsonarist misgovernment were full of threats against freedoms and towns of gods and demons with their people divided by hatred and punished by hunger. They were four years of fear and slavery in which the democratic institutions were threatened with death every day. The country isolated from the rest of the world.

The arrival of the political Moses, the former worker Lula da Silva, was necessary to try to get his people out of the slavery of Bolsonarism to lead them towards the promised land of freedom and hope. That the task will not be easy for the new Moses is revealed by the fact that the tyrant took 48 hours to recognize his defeat and did so with only two minutes and twenty seconds without pronouncing the name of the winner, while in the street he stirred up a dangerous revolt of the truckers who had paralyzed the country.

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In the biblical case, Moses and his freedmen from Egypt ended up rebelling and rejecting the manna that came from heaven, longing for the ram pots of the times of slavery. He did not get to see the promised Land of freedom and plenty. What will the Brazilians uprooted by Lula from Bolsonaro’s political slavery do? Will they return joyfully to their freedom or will they continue to yearn for their years of Bolsonarist slavery populated by gods and demons?

Lula has understood it very well when he has made a government not only with his own, but with a range of different political forces so that everyone feels comfortable recovering their lost freedom.

Bolsonaro, in his forced farewell, has hinted that he will continue to lead the army that still follows him and gave him 58 million votes, who prefer to live in chains and sheltered by the far-right creed of God, country and family, supported by the millions of evangelicals and their ultraconservative pastors.

Lula immediately understood that Brazil is not only the most Catholic country in the world, but also the most dominated by millions of evangelicals guided by ultra-conservative pastors immersed in politics. Perhaps for this reason, in his speech, the new president of Brazil named God more times than in his entire life and immediately tried to open a dialogue with that world that had given itself into the arms of Bolsonaro.

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All political analysts today bet on the difficulties that await Lula to govern a country torn apart and dominated by hatred and civil war attempts promoted by Bolsonarism. Lula is the first to know and for this reason he has wanted to surround himself with a range that encompasses all political forces, all religious creeds and has once again put the millions of poor who are the majority of the country.

The new Brazil that is reborn today after the defeat of the nightmare of a coup government, has already been recognized by the leaders of the most important countries in the world, from the United States to China, who have offered to help Lula in his arduous task. to rebuild a country that had been torn apart and impoverished, materially and spiritually, by the hell to which an extreme right-wing impregnated with the worst and most corrosive of the degeneration of religions had dragged it.

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The resurrection of Brazil to democratic normality and the recovery of its best essences, those that won the sympathy of the free world, is beginning, and rightly so, to be greeted with relief by those who had suffered from the decline of a country in which so many had pinned their hopes.

Now more than ever, Brazil uprooted from Bolsonarist slavery and on its way to its democratic normality and its pride in being a country of the future, needs to be supported by the rest of the free world so that the demons of discord that had taken hold of him, they can flee, as the Spanish saying goes, with their tail between their legs.

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