News Latin America Brazil is risking its present and its future in the elections

Brazil is risking its present and its future in the elections

Next Sunday Brazil is at stake, in its presidential elections, the most disturbing since the return of democracy, not only its present but also its future. It will also be about elections whose importance and political influence concern the entire Latin American continent and beyond.

That these elections have reached a global dimension is revealed by the fact that, for the first time in Brazilian elections, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has just expressed his concern about the possible acts of violence against those who will go to the elections. polls in Brazil next Sunday. “We are concerned that the hostile environment represents a threat to political participation and democracy and we urge the State to protect the candidates from any threat and acts of intimidation”, affirm the UN rapporteurs.

Although it may seem like a paradox, Brazil has at the same time a special opportunity to give the country a new direction at a time when the world is in labor pains and we still do not know if a new cycle will be born that will give way to the yearning for freedom and happiness or a new demon that brings us the ghosts of dark times of a new obscurantism, this time sharpened by the technological possibility of total destruction.

What is clear a few days before the elections is that for better or worse next Sunday in Brazil the parade to the polls will not be just another routine. We are facing an unknown whose result this time may have flashes of hope or heartbreak, beyond the borders of the country.

In this situation of political exceptionality, it is important that the world understand what is at stake in Brazil. It is urgent to understand that the danger of Bolsonarism and its founder is not that of one more fanatic of the world extreme right. We are facing a nostalgic dictatorship. Pure violence seems to be in his DNA.

Faced with the danger that a victory for Bolsonaro and his three sons, also politicians, nurtured by the same ideology of destruction and philosophy of hatred for everything that bears the stamp of freedom, the probable victory of a politician like Lula da Silva, considered, despite the criticism that may be leveled at him, as a phenomenon capable of understanding the entrails of politics. He himself has defined himself as “a walking metamorphosis”, capable of adapting to the most unprecedented and complex situations.

Perhaps that is why the way in which he has organized his campaign and his candidacy this time is disconcerting even his close followers. Lula can achieve a democratic government that brings together the greatest intelligence in the country, including women who are at the forefront today.

Bolsonaro reached the limit of the abyss of inhumanity when during the pandemic he publicly amused himself by jokingly imitating those who died asphyxiated by lack of oxygen, which the government denied them. Bolsonaro’s children, especially the federal deputy, Eduardo, a personal friend of Trump and his family, have already toured the countries where the new neo-fascist extreme right is growing, offering them Brazil as a strategic center of the new movement.

All this is played by Brazil within a week. And like it or not, at this moment only political sharpness, his past of democratic struggles and his international prestige mean that only Lula is capable of stopping the dreams of a new and dangerous destructive policy of the best values ​​conquered by democracy. The world has sensed it and that is why she has her eyes fixed, with anxiety and hope at the same time, on the atypical Brazilian elections that are played between hope and fear.

Source: EL PAIS



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