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Boric’s popularity falls after Chile’s failed constitutional referendum

President of Chile, Gabriel Boric – AGENCY ONE/SEBASTIAN BELTRAN GAETE

The level of support for the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, has fallen to its lowest level, after the failed referendum on the draft of the Constitution that was called to replace the Magna Carta drawn up during the dictatorship.

Boric’s popularity is around 33 percent, a drop of five points that the president seeks to counteract with the recent remodeling of the government’s hard core and the commitment to relaunch the constitutional project.

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Six out of ten people interviewed in the Plaza Publica Cadem survey see the change of ministers as positive and anticipate more moderate policies and consensus. The majority of those surveyed believe that the Government’s management will improve and that it will even have better relations with businessmen.

Boric defends that the failure in the consultation of September 4 does not imply returning to the starting point, but that the citizen’s mandate to draft a new Constitution remains in force. For this, he has started a period of consultations where the different political actors will mark positions.

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67 percent of citizens support the start of a new constituent process and, although they are still the majority, the data represents a decrease of ten points compared to the beginning of the month. One in three, however, advocate leaving everything as it is.

Source: Europa Press


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