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    Boric charges Ortega: “The dictator does not know that the homeland is in his heart”

    President Gabriel Boric greets upon his arrival in Limache, in the Valparaiso region.DPA via Europa Press (DPA via Europa Press)

    President Gabriel Boric charged on Saturday against the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua, which stripped 94 citizens of their nationality this week, including prominent writers, politicians, intellectuals, activists or religious, after it had already been withdrawn from others 222 political prisoners released and expelled to the United States. Although the Chilean Foreign Ministry was the first of the main Latin American countries to categorically condemn Ortega’s offensive, the left-wing president had not made a statement until now. “The dictator does not know that the homeland is in his heart and in his actions, and is not deprived by decree,” he wrote on Twitter.

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    Boric’s message was a response to a poem published by the Nicaraguan writer Gioconda Belli, one of the 94 people affected by the dispossession and who are now charged with “treason against the homeland” and are considered “fugitives from justice.” . “A fraternal hug to Gioconda, Sergio [Ramirez, Premio Cervantes]Sofia [Montenegro, escritora y feminista]Carlos [Fernando Chamorro, periodista] and to all those whom Ortega has tried to deprive of their Nicaraguan nationality”, the Chilean president published on the social network. “You are not alone!” he added.

    Belli thanked the president for the message on Twitter: “Thank you for being consistent and for supporting the rule of law and the democratic demand in Nicaragua and Latin America. My respects and affection to Gabriel Boric”. The writer Sergio Ramirez also celebrated the president’s words this morning. “Thank you very much, President Boric, for embodying dignity and integrity by not being silent about Nicaragua. A hug”. The Cervantes Prize criticized in an interview with this newspaper the general response that the leaders of Latin America have had. “There are countries that take refuge in a supposed neutrality, saying that it deals with the affairs of another country, and it seems to me a mistake,” he stated, adding: “What are the two axes of reaction that seem most important to me? ? The one of Chile and the one of Spain”. Through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares, Spain offered nationality to the 94 opponents of the Ortega and Rosa Murillo regime.

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    The commitment adopted by the leftist government is to continue denouncing the Sandinista regime and carry out the corresponding actions to support the persecuted and democratization in Nicaragua. “We hope that the rest of the international community is up to it,” said Urrejola. With more contained language, the government of Gustavo Petro in Colombia has also expressed its “concern”, Mexico has avoided censuring the drift of the regime while Argentina and Brazil opt for silence.

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