TechnologyBlizzard closes more than 120 Diablo Immortal servers, four of them Spanish

Blizzard closes more than 120 Diablo Immortal servers, four of them Spanish

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Blizzard has announced the closure of more than a hundred servers for its video game Diablo Immortal, a strategy with which it hopes to merge the populations of the servers and which has affected more than 120 servers around the world so far, four of them Spanish.

The American video game developer announced this title during the 2018 BlizzCon conference and it arrived in June for iOS and Android mobile devices. It also released Diablo Immortal for PC, initially with an open beta.

This massively multiplayer online action role-playing video game, a typology that receives the name of MMORPGis developed in collaboration with NetEase and is free (‘free-to-play’).

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Since the beginning of this month, the company has deployed a series of mergers between servers, with which has deleted a total of 129 servers dedicated to video games, four of them located in Spain.

This server merge allows you to maintain features such as battle pass progress, player friends list, continuing in the same chosen clan and/or raid, as well as player badges and achievements.

Likewise, the company clarifies that players will be able to continue logging into the usual server, but that if it has been merged with others, they will see an increase in members and, in the event that their character’s name is duplicated, an added number. .

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Blizzard has justified this change “to make it easier for players to find other players to join, regardless of the server they play on,” he noted in another blog post.

With this, it has anticipated that it will continue to merge additional servers “as necessary” and, once it has decided when to proceed with such mergers, will communicate it to all the players of this action title.

Among the servers that have lost their individual identity and have been merged are more than a hundred of them, distributed by regions such as North America, East Asia, and by languages ​​in the case of the European Union, depending on the country: France, England, Poland, Germany and Italy.

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Four Spanish servers have also done it, which are Zathan, Zara, Farnham and Greiz. The areas that have suffered the greatest impact with the merger are North America, England and Germany.


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