News USA Biden promotes his economic plan in Wisconsin

Biden promotes his economic plan in Wisconsin

Biden promotes his economic plan in Wisconsin

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, travels to Wisconsin on Tuesday to promote his economic measures in a crucial state for his re-election claims, a week before the Republicans hold their first debate in Milwaukee with a view to the 2024 primaries.

Biden is seeking to time his visit on the eve of the anniversary of his Inflation Reduction Act, which he signed in a grand ceremony but about which most Americans know little about, according to polls.

Wisconsin is part of a handful of states where Biden must convince voters that his measures positively affect their lives, and he may visit frequently.

His plans for this trip include a visit to Ingeteam, a manufacturer of wind turbine generators in Milwaukee, to highlight sections of the law that allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to promote indoor manufacturing and clean energy, reduce the costs of care of health and punish the rich who evade taxes.

Ingeteam plans to hire 100 workers with funds from the bipartisan infrastructure law to build electric vehicle charging stations, the White House reported.

Also, coinciding with the trip, the technology multinational Siemens is preparing to announce that it will manufacture photovoltaic inverters in Kenosha County, a measure that responds to the increase in demand caused by the tax incentives of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Government officials said the purpose of the trip is to acknowledge the effects of the law, approved by Congress with votes reflecting partisan polarization.

“The president and his team look forward to taking that message to the American people throughout the week,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Monday.

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