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    NewsWorldBiden defends his management and wants more: "Let's finish the job"

    Biden defends his management and wants more: “Let’s finish the job”

    Joe Biden He has arrived at the State of the Union address this Wednesday in a weak position: his approval rating is still sinkingRepublicans have the ability to bring his agenda to a near complete halt after capturing the House of Representatives, and almost no one, even in his party, is enthusiastic about his running for re-election next year.

    The president of the United States tried to use his appearance, one of the dates marked on the political calendar of the leading world power, to defend his management and demand cooperation from the Republicans to boost his agenda in the remainder of the mandate.

    “Let’s finish the job,” said Biden over and over again, who made it clear from taking the podium that he would seek to show himself as an open leader – he has no other choice – to seek support among Republicans. “I don’t want to destroy your reputation, but I’m looking forward to working with you,” he snapped at kevin mccarthythe Republican who assumed the presidency of the House of Representatives last month and who has a reputation for being ruthless with his political enemies.

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    Biden boasted of the US economic advances in the last half year, with a progressive containment of inflation and low unemployment to the last half century, achievements that are not rewarded in the polls: according to the accumulated poll of ‘FiveThirtyEight’, only 43% of Americans approve his management, while 52% suspend it.

    The successes that will be scored tonight have not permeated, in any case, among Americans: only 36% consider that they have achieved “a lot” or “enough” during their presidency, according to a survey by The Washington Post / ABC. They do not even have that feeling in the economic facet: 58% suspend their management in this area.

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    His speech was very focused on convince the median voter: very focused on the economic and fiscal discourse, on the reinforcement of social coverage, and much less on identity issues such as the LGBTQ agenda, racial tensions or educational disputes.

    The “let’s finish the job” was an invitation to the Republicans, but also, perhaps, a first sign that a single term will not be enough.

    The president came to this debate with an uncertain political future. He has not confirmed whether he will run for re-election, but he has said that is his intention. The current perception is that of a deteriorated president with many doubts about his ability to win again at the polls. In 2024 he would concur on the verge of turning 82 and would leave an eventual second term at age 86.

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    The possibility of him staying in the White House, at the moment, does not excite anyone. Not even among Democrats: 58% prefer someone else to introduce themselves.

    Opposite could have Trump, which the Republicans do not see very favorably either -44% want him as a candidate, 49% prefer another-, although the polls give him a minimal advantage over Biden. But the current president could face other Republican candidates stronger than Trump, such as Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, who does have a larger lead over Biden in the polls about a possible face-off.


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