News Middle East Biden asks Netanyahu to “not rush” with judicial reform

Biden asks Netanyahu to “not rush” with judicial reform

Biden asks Netanyahu to “not rush” with judicial reform

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has asked the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, “not to rush” with the vote by the Israeli Parliament – Knesset – on the controversial judicial reform.

Biden has remarked in statements to the Axios portal that “it seems” that the judicial reform proposal “is becoming more divisive, instead of less”, despite the fact that the authorities pointed out that they would seek a consensus among the political and social sectors for its approval.

“Given the level of threats and challenges facing Israel right now, there is no point in Israeli leaders rushing into this. They should focus on bringing people closer together and finding consensus,” the US president said.

These statements take place days after Biden urged the head of the Israeli Government to try to achieve a broad consensus on this matter.

The Knesset is debating the third reading of the bill led by Netanyahu to annul the so-called reasonableness clause that enables the courts to annul a government decision if they consider that it goes against the democratic system. Meanwhile, the country’s president, Isaac Herzog, has presented a new proposal to try to reach an agreement, which has been joined by the opposition leader, Yair Lapid.

“I met tonight with the president of the country, we share the concern for the situation in the country and we understand that it is our duty to do everything possible to bring a line of agreement to the citizens of Israel,” added Lapid.

In this context, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated for weeks against the legislative initiative, in addition, thousands of reservists, including fighter pilots and members of the intelligence units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), have announced that they will cease their military service in protest.

For this reason, opposition member Benjamin Gantz, who was Defense Minister, has indicated that he has held a meeting with the Chief of the General Staff, Herzi Halevi, with whom he has discussed the issue, alleging that “the security situation is very worrying and requires attention and strategic decisions in various fields of action”.

“The prime minister must convene a discussion of the political security cabinet, to understand the implications of the legislation on the IDF, before approval,” he said through his profile on the social network Twitter.

Gantz has remarked that he has proposed “a responsible way out of the crisis” and will continue “acting until the last moment to make this happen”. Likewise, he has made an appeal “to patriotic and loyal servants and volunteers” to “continue contributing to the security of Israel.”



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