GamingBaten Kaitos returns for Nintendo Switch

Baten Kaitos returns for Nintendo Switch

Video game publisher and developer Bandai Namco Europe SAS has announced today BATEN KAITOS I & II HD REMASTER. The return of the classic Nintendo GameCube franchise, coming to Nintendo Switch in high definition in summer 2023.

Players will have the opportunity to discover or rediscover the exciting journeys of the series. BATEN KAITOS. The saga has different card-based RPG systems that allow decisions to be made in fractions of a second to bring the participants closer to victory. Players will put themselves in the shoes of a Guardian Spirit, guiding the protagonist of each game and his companions throughout their journey.

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BATEN KAITOS™: ETERNAL WINGS AND THE LOST OCEAN tells the story of Kalas. While seeking revenge for the death of his brother and his grandfather, he meets Xelha when they both embark on a journey to defeat the Alfard Empire.

BATEN KAITOS™ ORIGINS, which is first released in Europe, takes place 20 years before the events of the first game. Sagi, a spiritualist who has a connection to the Guardian Spirits, is part of the Dark Service, an elite unit of the Alfard Empire. He sets out on a journey to clear his name after being framed and uncover the secrets of the empire.

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Carlos Gallego Guzman

Since I can remember, I have always felt attracted to drawing, comics and, above all, cinema. “Star Wars: Episode IV” is to blame for this hobby. I felt fascinated by the large number of spaceships that appeared in Her and the entire world created by George Lucas, the scene of the Corellian ship being pursued by an advancing Imperial cruiser to fill the screen was shocking. John Williams’ music was catchy and easy to remember, by then I remember my sticker collections and dolls from the saga. Another great influence has been comics, specifically the Vertice editions of Spiderman, Patrol X, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four, with which I learned to draw by copying the cartoons of John Romita Sr. and Jack Kirby. So it was not surprising that he ended up studying at the Zaragoza School of Arts.

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