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    NewsUSAAt least six dead in a shooting in Mississippi

    At least six dead in a shooting in Mississippi

    Another day in the violence of the United States. At least six people have died, according to local media reports, in a shooting in Tate County, in the extreme northwest of the State of Mississippi, at the hands of a suspect who has been arrested. A seventh victim was injured, but his life is not in danger.

    The events occurred around 12:30 p.m. local time in the town of Arkabutla, as confirmed by the county sheriff, Brad Lance, who explained, according to local media, that the man entered a store and killed a person with his weapon. Later, he went to a private house, where he shot a woman. The suspect continued with his tragic mission in a second home, located in the area, where he murdered two more people. The macabre account later added two other victims.

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    Minutes later, the police identified the suspect’s car. The agents then embarked on a chase to catch up with him. Finally, they stopped him.

    The latest episode of gun violence in the United States comes four days after the murder of three people in a shooting at Michigan State University.. Five other people were injured. The suspect committed suicide while the police tried to hunt him down.

    To be considered a mass shooting, a shooting must reach a minimum of four people, not including the attacker, and that these are not members of the same family. It is also taken into account that it occurs in a public place. According to the Gun Violence Archive organization, there have been 75 mass shootings so far this year. The account comes out to 1.6 a day. This week alone there have been six in places like Baltimore, Pittsburgh or Luisville.

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