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    NewsUSAAt least eleven dead after a fight between gangs in a Ciudad Juarez prison that spread to the streets

    At least eleven dead after a fight between gangs in a Ciudad Juarez prison that spread to the streets

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    At least eleven people have died and another twenty have been injured as a result of a fight between rival gangs inside a prison in Ciudad Juarez, in northern Mexico, which later moved to the streets, where most of the incidents took place. these deaths

    The undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Ricardo Mejia, explained this Friday that the fight inside the social reintegration center, known as Cereso, occurred when members of the gang known as ‘Los Chapos’, with links to the Sinaloa Cartel, attacked the rival gang of ‘Los Mexicles’.

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    The dispute also caused a score of wounded, four of them by firearm projectiles. After the authorities restored order inside the prison, members of ‘Los Mexicles’ extended the brawl to the streets of Ciudad Juarez, where nine of these eleven people died.

    Mejia has detailed that among the deceased there are four people who were in the vicinity of the Mega Radio Switch FM radio station, including an announcer and that six members of ‘Los Mexicles’ have been arrested.

    The Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has regretted what happened and has indicated that it is the first time that a criminal group has retaliated against the civilian population after a fight inside the prison. “They started shooting innocent people, this is the most unfortunate part of this affair,” he has said.

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