NewsWorldAt least 40 migrants killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Italy

At least 40 migrants killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Italy

It is not ruled out that the number of deaths is higher, while it has been possible to rescue some 50 survivors who managed to reach a beach in the town of Cutro (Crotone province), where they have been treated by emergency teams since early morning. the morning.

Between 150 and 250 people were traveling on the boat, according to Italian media.

The survivors have explained to the authorities that the precarious fishing boat in which they were traveling broke in half and many of its passengers were shipwrecked, since the sea was rough.

The boat apparently hit some rocks before the migrants could call for help.

The bodies, including a newborn and several children, appeared on the tourist beach of Steccato and, according to the Carabinieri, are scattered over several kilometers.

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While the relief work progresses, the authorities are questioning the survivors to find out the circumstances of the accident and the origin of the migrants, who according to the local press are mostly from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The latest shipwreck comes just days after Parliament approved new and controversial regulations for the rescue of immigrants promoted by the government, dominated by the extreme right.

Among other issues, the regulation obliges to request the assignment of a port after the first rescue of a group of migrants and to go to that location without deviating to locate other vessels in danger. Which, according to critics, increases the risk of death in the central Mediterranean, considered the most dangerous journey in the world for migrants.

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In addition, NGOs have repeatedly denounced that for months the Italian authorities have been assigning far away ports, in the north and center of Italy, which take up to four and five days to arrive, neglecting their operations in the central Mediterranean area, where Most of these types of boats are wrecked.

The head of government, Giorgia Meloni, leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy (FDI) party, took over a coalition executive in October after promising to reduce the number of migrants arriving in Italy.

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Italy’s situation makes it a prime destination for asylum seekers crossing from North Africa to Europe, and Rome has long complained about the number of arrivals on its territory.

According to the Interior Ministry, nearly 14,000 migrants have disembarked in Italy since the beginning of the year, up from around 5,200 in the same period last year and 4,200 in 2021.

However, NGOs transport only a small percentage of the migrants who want to reach Europe, most of whom are rescued by coast guard or navy ships.

However, the government accuses NGOs of encouraging the arrival of migrants and encouraging traffickers.

Source: Euronews Español


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