News World At least 40 dead, including a baby, when a migrant boat capsizes...

At least 40 dead, including a baby, when a migrant boat capsizes off the coast of Italy

At least 40 people have died, including several children, when a boat with at least a hundred migrants on board capsized off the coast of the Italian region of Calabria, in the south of the country, Coast Guard sources reported this Sunday. to the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’.

The ship was completely overloaded, according to these sources, and ended up sinking in the waters of Steccato di Cutro, in the province of Crotona.

Among the dozens of lifeless bodies washed up on the beach is that of a newborn, according to reports from the newspaper ‘La Stampa’.

The rescue services continue to work in the search for survivors while the first investigations indicate that the migrants came, in principle, from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan; and that the shipwreck was mainly due to the terrible sea conditions, which ended up splitting the ship in two.

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