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    NewsLatin AmericaAt least 19 people have been arrested in the framework of the carrier strike in Chile

    At least 19 people have been arrested in the framework of the carrier strike in Chile

    Archive – Highway closures during the indefinite strike of truckers in Chile – LEONARDO RUBILAR / AGENCIAUNO / LEONARDO RUBILAR

    At least 19 people have been arrested this Monday in the framework of the carrier strike that has caused internal friction in the sector, as well as with the Government of Chile, which has decided to sign an agreement with some associations, leaving others out.

    The Confederation of Transportistas Fuerza del Norte of the country began an indefinite strike last Monday to protest the high prices of fuels, as well as the insecurity on the roads, after three months ago the truckers asked the Minister of Finance to end rising prices.

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    The Chilean Executive agreed on ten points on Sunday with the Chilean National Cargo Transport Confederation (CNTC) and FedeQuinta, while Camioneros del Sur and Fuerza del Norte remain outside the pact for now.

    The Chilean government spokeswoman, Camila Vallejo, said this Monday that the Executive of Gabriel Boric “is going to make use of the laws available to it” so that “no citizen” is “affected” by the interruptions, according to Picked up the T13 chain.

    Vallejo has distanced himself from the statements of the Minister of Agriculture, Esteban Valenzuela, and has indicated that the objective is to “watch over the general interests” of the population, assuring that the Executive “will not be available” if they are placed on the table “demands impossible to meet for the State”.

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    Valenzuela has previously raised the tone within the Chilean government, and has explained that “you don’t play with food security”, while explaining that in Chile they have spent “a week of nightmares”.

    “Here the maximum contributions of the Government have been made at a very difficult time to stabilize fuel prices, and we are available, as all the actors have said, to continue talking also with those who are off the hook. But let those who are off the hook get off the hook of imbecility, which are causing damage to the country”, he said, according to the newspaper ‘La Tercera’.

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