SportsAsensio: "The World Cup is very important to me, I don't know if it's a turning point"

Asensio: “The World Cup is very important to me, I don’t know if it’s a turning point”

Marco Asensio during the match between the Spanish team and Costa Rica at the World Cup in Qatar -Adam Davy/PA Wire/dpa

The forward of the Spanish team Marco Asensio celebrated this Thursday that “a great game” came out against Costa Rica at the premiere of a World Cup in Qatar that “is very important” for him personally and for whom he sees “prepared” to help to a team whose main virtues are that they all go “to one” and that “plays football very well”.

“I’m very good, a great game came out in general for the whole team and I personally am very happy for the goal and for being able to contribute many things to the team. I’m adjusting to what the coach asks of me, but I’m very comfortable with what that he is transmitting to me and the confidence that he is giving me”, Asensio pointed out this Thursday at a press conference.

The Real Madrid player acknowledged that “from the first day” of his return to the team, Luis Enrique Martinez told him that he could “play in several positions”. “The one of ‘9’ is one where each one has to respect their positioning and their space because we play as a team and we all have to be very coordinated defensively and offensively. I have to be with the interiors and the wingers”, he pointed out, stressing that the Spaniard “does not want the rival to have the ball” and that this begins with “the pressure from the three forwards”.

“Yes, it is true that last season was good, although in the last part I did not have much continuity and the call from the national team (for the June games) made me very excited. I had the hope of being able to return and I took the opportunity, I gave it my all and from then on I was able to keep coming”, he added about his return to La Roja.

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Now, he knows that he is facing a great opportunity. “A World Cup is always important for any player, I don’t know if it’s a turning point, but the truth is that it’s very important for me and that’s how I’m going to face it. It’s not because my contract ends (with Real Madrid) but because this is special and I’m looking forward to everything I’ve been through and how special this group is”, admitted Asensio.

The Mallorcan footballer reiterated that he is “very well” and “prepared for this great challenge”. “I am training hard and strong so that when I have the opportunity, I can contribute everything I have. The goal is to go as far as possible and we must focus on that,” he stressed.

The striker also warns that “both in praise and criticism, everyone has to have their own feeling and opinion.” “We must have confidence in what we are doing as a group, that criticism does not weaken and that in praise there is not excessive euphoria and relaxation, but rather continue working as we are doing up to now,” he said.

In this sense, on a personal level, he has treated his worst moments by shooting “a bit of a mixture of many things”, although he has now been in this world for “many years” and is clear about “how things work”. “I try to learn from when things go wrong, be self-critical, analyze the situation well and try not to influence me from outside. I have to follow my path and meet my objectives without being hindered, let’s say, by the outside,” he pointed out.

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“I am in a good moment and I take it calmly. You have to learn from everything, from the bad and from the good, over the years I have matured a lot in everything and that shows when it comes to playing, I hope to continue like this to reach my highest level”, he added.

In any case, he does not hide that “the one who decides is the coach” and that he does not give importance to being a substitute in the next games. “If he gives me the opportunity, I’ll try to show that he can count on me,” he asserted, while he confessed “a lot of enthusiasm” for being the first Majorcan to score in a World Cup.

On Sunday’s match against Germany, Asensio recalled that it is “a powerful team, with great players.” “We know that we have a very difficult game because he plays football very well and we will face it with the utmost seriousness. He is going to put us in a lot of trouble and it will be a demanding game,” he warned.

“We want to win the next game and secure the round of 16,” he remarked given the possibility that a defeat against the four-time world champions will force them to a “final” in the last match against Japan, “a very organized team, difficult to beat and with fast and very technical players”, he explained.

However, the Real Madrid player trusts this team. “What characterizes us the most is that we are a team, that we all go together and that we play football very well, really. We are in a good moment, with things very clear and I think that is the key,” he said.

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“The World Cup is very close and football is increasingly even, so we have to focus on ourselves and not on other teams, we have to focus on what we do and on the games that lie ahead. I have maximum confidence in our team and in what we do. The match against Costa Rica reaffirms us and confirms that we have to continue in this line, a result like this gives us a lot of confidence for everything that comes, but we are not going to trust ourselves because the coach is not going to let us “, he explained.

Asensio also praised the figure of Luis Enrique, who gives them “the
experience that he has as a player and, above all, that he knows how to send and transmit the message very well”. “He convinces us and we like what he says, and he makes us all go in the same direction and with the ambition of always wanting more and competing to the max. He analyzes very well everything we do in training and on the field, and explains his game idea to us, he is very demanding in all positioning and in seeking perfection,” he said.

The last praise of the international was for the young Gavi. “Sometimes what he does at the age of 18 is surprising, and perhaps more so for outsiders, but he has a great level and self-confidence. Those of us who are with him every day know what he is capable of and we hope he will give us much more in the World Cup,” he said.


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