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Arnold Schwarzenegger Visited UCLA Anti-Aging Experts To Get Insider Tips: This Is The Stay-Young Routine He’s Now Following

Former bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger says he wants to live foreverand experts advised him to forget about fancy anti-aging technology and focus on simple healthy habits, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The 75-year-old fitness icon told the outlet that even the Terminator isn’t immune to concerns about physical aging.

“For my whole life I’ve looked in the mirror and seen the best built man, and all of a sudden I see a bunch of crap. It’s terrible! You have these wrinkles under your eyes. You have wrinkles under your pecs,” she opens up. Schwarzenegger.

However, he admits that he had never resorted to expensive treatments or “tricks” to stay young, but once visited some of the main aging experts at UCLAonly to be told that there is no secret to avoid the passage of time.

“Ask them if something that reverses aging has been created or is about to come out. They told me: ‘Absolutely nothing, end of story’. The only thing you can do is business as usual,” says Schwarzenegger.

He points out that a routine that involves exercise and lift weights, eat right and stay positive are the simple tips anyone can follow for healthy aging.

Schwarzenegger stays in shape with daily exercise, a mostly vegan diet, and a positive mindset.

Over time, the 7-time Mr. Olympia has adjusted his routine to improve his long-term health. In his bodybuilding era, he worked out for 5 hours a day, but now the schwarzenegger daily routine includes 90 minutes of cycling and weight lifting, he told Rachel Hosie of Business Insider.

Also switched to a primarily vegan diet to lower their cholesterol levels about 6 years ago. Schwarzenegger has said in his newsletter that some of his favorite recipes include vegetable soup with pumpkin seed oil and protein shakes with berries, banana and cherry juice.

The actor also increased his presence on social networks to offer advice and encouragement to fans, and ensures that his goal of “being useful” and making the world a better place is part of what gets you out of bed in the morning.

“My plan is to live forever, and so far so good,” he says.



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