News Europe Armenia receives the Azeri proposal on the peace treaty

Armenia receives the Azeri proposal on the peace treaty

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The Armenian authorities have received the proposal from the Government of Azerbaijan on a draft peace agreement between the parties within the framework of the third phase of the negotiation process.

The president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Armenian Parliament, Eduard Aghajanyan, has indicated that the Armenian side “has received the Azeri proposals, which are basically the answer to those previously presented by Armenia.”

“This means that we can say that we are already before the third round of proposals, which are the ones that are being addressed now,” he asserted, according to information from the Armenpress news agency.

When asked about the possibility that the foreign ministers of both countries meet before the end of the year, the also deputy has indicated that the possibility exists. “We cannot rule it out”, he has said himself.

On Monday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar urged Armenia to “respond to the calls” made by Ankara and Baku to establish peace. During a visit to the Azeri capital, the minister met with the president, Ilham Aliyev, with whom he discussed the importance of maintaining contacts at the highest level and continuing to fight for “a just cause.”

Akar has insisted that Armenia “must understand the situation and do whatever is necessary in light of the peace proposal presented by Turkey and Azerbaijan.” “The whole world, especially Armenia, must see the importance of this for the region,” he asserted, according to information from the ‘Daily Sabah’ newspaper.

For his part, Aliyev qualified that both Akar and his delegation have been of great help in developing friendly relations and have recognized a strengthening of ties between the parties.

Both have thus supervised the start of a series of joint exercises near the border with Iran as tension increases in the area. The situation has worsened as a result of the open war between Armenia and Azerbaijan two years ago.

Azerbaijan then had Israeli weapons and Turkish drones and took control of part of the territory of the disputed area of ​​Nagorno Karabagh. The clashes lasted less than two months but resulted in thousands of military deaths until they ended in November 2020, when the parties signed a ceasefire.

Since then, there have been clashes in the border areas and the two countries have accused each other of violating the truce.



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