HealthAntonio Arenas, the Santa Fe Animal Health Central Laboratory and Katy Gómez receive the 2022 Albéitar Awards

Antonio Arenas, the Santa Fe Animal Health Central Laboratory and Katy Gómez receive the 2022 Albéitar Awards

The Garages of the Port of Huelva have hosted on the afternoon of February 17 the act of delivery of the XII Albéitar Awards that the Andalusian Council of Official Colleges of Veterinarians awarded for excellence in the veterinary field.

In this twelfth edition, the awards have gone to the Central Animal Health Laboratory of Santa Fe in the Institutional categorywhom the Andalusian Council of Official Veterinary Colleges has wanted to distinguish for his permanent and continuous work to promote Animal Health, not only in our territory, but above all at the national level.

Recognition of Informative category has fallen in this edition to Katy Gómez for being a link between these two apparently unconnected areas of society: Veterinary Medicine and Photography, and doing it in such a beautiful and expressive way.

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Finally, Antonio Arenas is distinguished with the Albéitar prize in his Scientific categoryfor his incessant research work and his work, in collaboration with the Andalusian Council, in training and updating knowledge of Animal Health, emerging diseases and Public Health among veterinarians and other health professionals.

The act of delivery of XII Albéitar Awards has been chaired by the president of the Andalusian Council of Official Colleges of Veterinarians (CACV) and president of the Illustrious College of Veterinarians of Huelva, Fidel Astudillo, who has delivered a statuette and diploma to the winners together with Jesús Ramón Aguirre Muñoz, president of the Andalusian Parliament; Pilar Miranda Plata, President of the Huelva Port Authority: the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Vicente Pérez García de Prado; and the First Deputy Mayor for the Economy, Presidency and Institutional Relations of the Huelva City Council, María Villadeamigo Segovia.

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Fidel Astudillo has pointed out that “the Albéitar Awards are not a simple symbolic act, but are intended to be a claim to society of the importance and transcendence of the Veterinary profession and of veterinarians, of their essential role in Public Health, and we intend to find the social recognition and institutional respect that they should enjoy”.

Among those previously distinguished with the Albéitar Awards His Majesty stands out Queen Emeritus Doña Sofía, who bears the distinction of Honorary Category, in recognition of its indisputable social relevance and its commitment to assistance programs for the protection of Public Health and Animal Welfare; the illustrious writer and veterinarian Mr. Gonzalo Giner; The 1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Professor Peter Doherty, Don Felix Infante Miranda, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Córdoba Veterinary School or award-winning institutions and organizations such as the Military Veterinary Corps; the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (SEPRONA); the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health), the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain or Editorial Acribia.

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The Port of Huelva has collaborated in this act, already consolidated in the Veterinary field at a national level as an official sponsor.


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