NewsWorldAntioquia resumes life after the catastrophe

Antioquia resumes life after the catastrophe

The fact that there are no cranes or bulldozers near the buildings here in old Antioch means that the search and rescue operation is officially over.

And a different phase begins in the operations in the south of Turkey: Some of the people, residents and business owners of this part of the city are allowed to return to their shops to see if there is still anything worth taking with them. they. They are people trying to pick up the pieces of what’s left of their lives.

An ambitious promise that many consider unattainable

Here in southern Turkey alone, 13 million people have been affected by the earthquakes and the Turkish government has promised a new home to all those who lost their homes within a year. This is, of course, a very ambitious promise, a promise that many here dismiss as completely unattainable given what they have judged to be the slow response from the national government.

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Massive fundraiser on Turkish TV

So much so that civil society has stepped forward and replaced the national government in certain areas. A massive fundraising event was organized this week on Turkish television and more than 5 billion euros were raised for the victims.

But some here are determined to restart life on their own as soon as possible.

Serkan Sincan owns a business in Antioquia: “This street will be open in a week or two at the most, you’ll see.”

rebuild after disaster

“13 days have passed. People have died in the earthquake, in traffic or at home. But the catastrophe is over. In Islam, you can mourn for only three days. After three days, it is over. Life has to come back again.”

Serkan’s contagious warmth bringing the city back to life. But he is also affected by what he lived and lost.

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_- What can we do? Serkan wonders.

– You told me that you cried inside. Have you lost someone?

– No. Well yes, I lost friends. Lots of good friends.

Stay in homage to those who left

Serkan says that it is in the name of those who have left that he will not leave Antioch. And he will try to convince his neighbors to stay.

The city needs them, he says. And the memory of those who are no longer here will last in this place.

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Anelise Borges from Antioquia, in southern Turkey, for Euronews

Source: Euronews Español


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