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Ana Claudia Talancon: “One of the wonders of fiction is that you can have fun with different characters”

Ana Claudia Talancon gets out of the vehicle. A soft, but constant drizzle covers the Plaza Luis Cabrera in the Roma Norte neighborhood, in Mexico City. She is unfazed by the weather. She wears almost completely black, her boots, jeans and leather jacket, except for a red blouse that stands out in her outfit. A happy nostalgia is noticeable in her face when she sees the Non Solo restaurant. Her usual smiling and giggly countenance is magnified by the memories that invade her head.

The site on Orizaba and Guanajuato streets is one of the locations that were marked in her career as an actress 12 years ago. But her memory of her character Charly of her and Nico chatting -in the series I’m your fan-, it is just one more milestone in his career that this 2022 commemorates 26 years. With almost a dozen projects, some presented this 2022 and others soon to be released, the Mexican interpreter spoke with EL PAIS, before returning to her home in Los Angeles, and reviewed the past, present and future of the career her.

The drizzle decreases its intensity. Talancon (Cancun, 1980) prepares for a photo session. They take some outside and others inside the trattoria. It’s like time hasn’t passed in Non Solo. It has kind of deja vu, “I’m just missing Nico,” he says while laughing. The promotion for the expected return of I’m your fan It generates emotion in him when he remembers all the moments he lived 10 years ago, when the production ended.

Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancon.Hector Guerrero

He feels that he has grown, as well as the fans of the popular series and its characters. He remembers his first job in the industry, when he started recording the telenovela north of the heart At just 16 years old, on January 27, 1996. It is a date that he does not forget because it is also his grandfather’s birthday. Since her participation in that melodrama set in the town of Tres Cruces, she is going to star this year in a science fiction miniseries as a policewoman in The shelter, feels that the balance of his career has given him, until now, a “balance in favor”. “I feel that the characters that are playing me are getting more and more interesting. I’m excited to grow up with them, they have more and more problems and are more crazy [se rie a carcajadas] or they are also fuller. They live freer, they become more real, more complex and that excites me a lot”, she affirms, while she takes a sip of her red fruit tea.

Despite the gray tone of the day, cold and rainy, Talancon does not go unnoticed. She always has a smile or an affectionate gesture with people who look for her to say hello or take a picture of her. “I really like her work,” a man, who is around fifty, tells her as she shakes his hand. She has earned public recognition in almost 18 years that she did not stop working “almost not a month in a row”. Her longest absence was after her participation in the series gross, nothing, from 2019 to 2022. It was a time when he was trying to start a family and enjoy his life. “It was one project after another and I realized that I wanted to travel, that I wanted not to be the one who was always absent at barbecues, at birthdays, at Christmas, on holidays and I began to make decisions, to say no to projects”, affirms the actress.

Since his first leading role in the telenovela romantic obsession (1999), his immersion in the entrails of capitalism from the point of view of Richard Linklater in Fast Food Nation (2009) or his participation in the series The gallant. TV changed, he didn’t (2022), about a great soap opera actor who has fallen on hard times, the actress has always professionally sought pleasant and teaching experiences, with “passionate people who want to do things well.” Also, when she reads the characters she is offered, she looks for “complex, confident women.” “I love women who can be strong and also fearful. We all have good, bad, strong and sensitive sides. It’s cool to have balanced characters, but one can’t always be so balanced. One of the wonders of fiction is that you can have fun with different characters”, adds the also host of the program top-chef.

From Cancun to the Kodak Theater

2022 marks another important anniversary in Talancon’s career. He would never have imagined a girl from the Yucatan peninsula, without any relatives in the entertainment world, walking the red carpet of the Golden Globes; or at the Kodak Theater for the Oscar nomination ceremony for The crime of Father Amaro (2002) for best foreign language film. “All the people that I had to meet, all the countries that I had to travel”, effusively recalls her participation in the film, which this year commemorates two decades of its controversial premiere.

Co-starring a young Gael Garcia Bernal, the film, which addressed issues such as celibacy, ecclesial corruption or deviations from the faith, had to delay its premiere due to the apostolic visit of Pope John Paul II to Mexico and subsequently face an anti-campaign by pro-life groups, who did nothing more than turn it into the highest grossing Mexican film of that time. “The faith of Mr. Jorge Serrano Limon [presidente de la organizacion Pro-Vida] he gave us millions and millions in publicity, saying that if you went to see the movie it was a sin and who did not want to sin [se rie con ironia]. It’s a wonderful movie. I have her in my heart”, recalls Talancon.

The actress admits to feeling excited about this new stage in her life. Not only because she, apart from her acting, has been able to continue developing her facet as a plastic artist for 12 years with her sculptures, which she shares sporadically through her Instagram account. “I am incredibly passionate and unlike a film in which I give birth to something that someone else visualized, the sculptures are born from my head, it is a very personal process,” says Talancon, who has already held an exhibition in which his creations were auctioned to help girls and boys with cancer of the foundation Here Nobody Gives Up.

Ana Claudia Talancon in the Plaza Luis Cabrera in Mexico City.
Ana Claudia Talancon in the Plaza Luis Cabrera in Mexico City. Hector Guerrero

She doesn’t want to leave sculpture aside, but she doesn’t want to stay satisfied with what she has been doing as an actress either. That’s why she decided to get out of her comfort zone to get into writing and directing. She is currently in the process of co-writing and co-directing a movie and a series, about which she cannot yet reveal details. However, one of the projects she carries out together with her friend, the director Marcela Recio, from whom she wants to learn everything she can, she says. “Throwing yourself to do something you have never done before with all your heart and with all the desire to learn, the truth is that it makes me very proud. I think it comes precisely from having been able to throw myself into living my idea of ​​success. Things are triggered in a very magical and organic way in life when one knows how to listen to them”, she concludes.

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