NewsLatin AmericaAn 11-year-old Brazilian girl faces a second pregnancy after being raped again

An 11-year-old Brazilian girl faces a second pregnancy after being raped again

A girl in a park in São Paulo in May 2021.Lela Beltrão (THE COUNTRY)

An 11-year-old Brazilian girl is three months pregnant after being raped. Her drama has become news because it is not just another case of sexual abuse against minors, which is a real scourge. It is the second time that the calf has become pregnant after being sexually forced. Both then and now, her 29-year-old mother has refused her to undergo an abortion, reports the newspaper Folha de S.Pauloto which you are entitled by law.

The identity of the minor has not been released. What is known about her is that she gave birth to her first baby a year ago now and that she lived in the rural area of ​​Teresina, the capital of the state of Piaui, in northeastern Brazil, the most impoverished area of ​​the country. She has been in a reception center for a month after breaking up with her parents.

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Every hour, four Brazilian girls are raped. His dramatic case focuses on the sexual abuse of minors, especially girls, but also boys, they are a real scourge in Brazil. During the past year, more than 66,000 rapes were recorded, in almost seven out of ten cases, the victim was under 13 years of age, according to the Brazilian Yearbook of Public Security. In eight out of ten cases, the aggressor was someone known. That is the first part of the drama.

The second is that the law allows the interruption of pregnancies that are the result of rape, but whether due to family opposition, as in the case of Piaui, due to ignorance of this right or due to lack of access to medical services, it is very common for these pregnancies to reach to term both in the case of minor and adult victims. In Brazil, about 2,000 legal abortions are performed each year, while illegal ones are estimated at around one million.

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The researcher and activist in favor of the right to abortion Debora Diniz tweeted after hearing about the case: “Just thinking about the 11-year-old girl from Piaui, raped twice and pregnant, I am sure that the criminalization of abortion is torture in the form of violence. Of law”.

When she had her first baby, the unnamed kid dropped out of school, refuses psychological treatment, and her relationship with her parents has soured.

Interned in a reception center in Teresina, a medical test confirmed the pregnancy this Friday. “She wasn’t menstruating, she was behaving suspiciously and withdrawn, so we took her in for a checkup and found out from her that she was pregnant. It was a scare, a shock, ”said a representative of the guardianship council.

The father of the victim was this time in favor of the girl aborting but the mother, a housewife, has managed to prevail in her opposition to the pregnancy being interrupted. The first time she also opposed it, like the girl herself, when the doctor told her that the life of the minor could be in danger. The perpetrator of that rape, a 25-year-old cousin, was killed shortly after. This time it is unknown who forced her.

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