NewsWorldAllies seek votes on Ukraine peace resolution

Allies seek votes on Ukraine peace resolution

The United Nations debates Ukraine as allies seek votes on a “just and lasting peace” resolution. This is the fifth non-binding resolution submitted by Ukraine calling for a “cessation of hostilities”. António Guterres, UN Secretary General, described the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a violation of international law.

“The first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a grim milestone for the Ukrainian people and for the international community. That invasion is an affront to our collective conscience. And the impact is being felt far beyond Ukraine,” the secretary said. UN General.

While the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba assured that his country yearns for peace, more than any other country in the world: “There is no other country in the world that wants peace as much as Ukraine. We have never wanted war We never plan to attack anyone. Our troops are not in someone else’s land.”

For her part, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, conveyed to the assembly the dilemma of this vote: “Colleagues, this vote will go down in history. On the first anniversary of this conflict, we will see what is the position of the nations of the world on the question of peace in Ukraine.”

In his speech, the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, lashed out at the West, assuring that: “In this desire of theirs to defeat Russia in any way, they can not only sacrifice Ukraine, but they are ready to plunge the whole world into the abyss of war.”

The EU and more than 70 countries promote this draft peace resolution

The EU and more than 70 countries promote this draft peace resolution that is expected to garner “a very large majority” this Thursday, which will serve to highlight Russia’s isolation in its aggression against Ukraine, on the anniversary of the conflict.

The three resolutions related to Russian aggression voted by the General Assembly in the last year have received between 140 and 143 votes in favor, with five countries consistently voting against (Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea) and less than 40 abstentions.

Source: Euronews Español

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