TechnologyAgreement between Encom and the Government of Andorra to manage the first Strategic Plan for 'eSports' in the world

Agreement between Encom and the Government of Andorra to manage the first Strategic Plan for ‘eSports’ in the world

From left to right: the CEO of Encom Games, Arturo Castello, and the Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Business of the Government of Andorra, Jordi Gallardo, at the signing of the agreement between the two entities. – IN COM

Encom, the management company of the DreamHack brand in Spain, will help Andorra in the activation and development of its ‘eSports’ Law through a Strategic Plan for ‘eSports’, first initiative carried out in this regard worldwide.

In com has signed this Friday within the framework of Dream Hack Valencia an agreement with the Government of Andorra through which it becomes a consultant and executive ‘partner’ of the Principality. The objective is to design a work scenario that integrates the main agents of the industry and is aligned with the country’s strategic objectives when executing each of the operational lines that the Andorran eSports law contains.

Andorra is the fifth country in the world to pass a specific law about these video game competitions, as confirmed by the Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Business of the Government of Andorra, Jordi Gallardo, in statements to Europa Press on the occasion of the signing of the agreement with Encom.

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By taking the next step and having a Strategic Plan, Andorra “has the opportunity to be the first country or the first territory” to carry it outGallardo explains. And with it they can promote the ecosystem “from various dimensions, from the public and private sectors, with different objectives, but all under a certain coherence,” he adds.

“We decided to recognize eSports as its own industrial sector and accompany it with a Strategic Plan with various objectives, including, attract this industry to the country. The companies that come find an industry that is developing, where they themselves have a key role in developing their own companies in the country”, explained the Andorran minister.

Gallardo has also highlighted elements such as taxation, high-speed Internet connection, the price of electricity or quality of life, which in recent years have also attracted well-known content creators and ‘youtubers’. But he denies that the country has developed a strategy to attract this type of professional, although he acknowledges that “it would be good news” if those linked to video games and online competitions collaborate directly or indirectly.

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One of the axes of the strategic plan is “to promote the economy and business with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and new business models”, Gallardo details, to turn Andorra into a technological ‘hub’ and a recognized destination for the development of the ‘eSports business‘ and attract major international competitions, entities and companies in the sector.

The first of the actions of the agreement between the Government of Andorra and Encom is to turn the country into official headquarters of Esports City Leaguethe first amateur ‘eSports’ competition between cities, whose finals take place at DreamHack events.

“Online video game competitions or eSports have evolved in recent years in a dizzying manner, originating as part of the entertainment industry for young people to become in a global and intergenerational culture with its own history, knowledge and customs that, transversally, has an impact on dynamics such as art, music, technology or innovation“, has pointed out the CEO of Encom, Arturo Castello.

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It is a sector with great potential; It is estimated that this year the ‘eSports’ industry will generate almost 1,380 million dollars in revenue, according to the report ‘Global Market Report on Electronic Sports and Live Broadcasting’ by the consulting firm Newszoo.

And in Spain alone, ‘eSports’ billed 34 million euros in 2021, “becoming more and more a job option for an entire generation shaken by the economic crisis,” says Castello.

The CEO of Encom understands that “legislation and institutional drive generate great confidence not only at the level of entities but also of brands and companies that want to create a relational framework suitable for the peculiarities of this industry”, which makes Andorra a “the right country to lead this industry“.


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