NewsAfricaAfrique Hebdo - With "Savane et monsoon", Aïssata Fane and Julien Doan merge the cuisines of Africa and Asia

Afrique Hebdo – With “Savane et monsoon”, Aïssata Fane and Julien Doan merge the cuisines of Africa and Asia

Yassa chicken with wasabi, plantain banana sushi, Tataki beef with bissap: it is a meeting on the plate between Africa and Asia, two continents with countless flavors, that our guests offer. Aïssata Fane and Julien Doan, creators of “Savane et mousson”, own food trucks, restaurants specializing in fusion cuisine and authors of “La cuisine fusion entre l’Afrique et l’Asie” published by Larousse. They tell their culinary and entrepreneurial adventure.

In Bitchabé, north-eastern Togo, a village committee raises awareness about teenage pregnancies

According to the World Health Organization, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of teenage pregnancies, with more than 6 million births annually. In Togo, their number has steadily increased over the past two years, according to a survey conducted by the Department of Education Planning. It identifies approximately 5,000 unwanted pregnancies per year in schools. In Bitchabé, near the Ghanaian border, in the north of the country, residents are trying to stem the phenomenon. Awareness raising, distribution of free contraceptives, financial support and support… This village committee wants to end pregnancies before the age of 18 and participates in the care of young girl-mothers.

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A formula for better preserving yams: the find of Adjata Kamara, Ivorian doctoral student

As a child, she wondered why her father’s mango plantation in Côte d’Ivoire was producing less than before. So, to understand this, Adjata Kamara embarked on long studies on the health of plants, in particular yams. Now a doctoral student in life and environmental sciences, the researcher has developed a biopesticide that allows the yam to be preserved for two to three months, instead of the usual two weeks. A discovery that earned her the prize of Unesco and the L’Oréal Foundation for women and science.

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Source: France 24


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