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Africa Journal – Foreign Ministers of Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso meet

The heads of diplomacy of the three West African countries led by soldiers resulting from coups d’etat – Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso – met Thursday in Ouagadougou, announced the Burkinabè government. This meeting comes two days after Tuesday’s visit to Mali by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who promised his aid “to the Sahelo-Saharan region and even to the countries bordering the Gulf of Guinea”.

The South African president declared a state of national disaster on Thursday to try to stem the electricity crisis that has undermined the continent’s leading industrial power with endemic cuts for months. The country is hit by an energy crisis that has worsened since last year with power cuts of up to nearly 12 hours a day.

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This week in Niger, the Business Forum took place in Niamey, a meeting between European investors and Nigerien project leaders. A seduction operation for the government of Mohamed Bazoum who wants to reindustrialize his country and create a maximum of new jobs. Harold Girard, our correspondent, met him. Among other things, he asked him what the objectives of this forum were. Interview.

Rwanda has just renewed an agreement with the European Union and the UN to extend its “transit center” which receives African asylum seekers detained in Libya, while waiting for their applications to be accepted, in the countries of their choice. . The issue of the management of migrants and asylum seekers is arousing much controversy due to an agreement to deport refugees from the United Kingdom to Rwanda. The agreement is not yet effective, but the Rwandan authorities are highlighting their ability to welcome refugees… Clément Di Roma’s correspondence in Kigali.

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Source: France 24


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