NewsWorldA year of Russian destruction in Ukraine

A year of Russian destruction in Ukraine

Before the war, Marinka, located near Donetsk, had more than 9,000 inhabitants. One year after the Russian invasion, devastation is everywhere and no one remains in this ghost town nestled in the middle of the battlefront.

“The city is completely destroyed. Completely. There is not a single building that has not been damaged. Currently there are no civilians left in the city because the military administration and the police evacuated all the residents, all the children. Living there is impossible,” said Artem Schus, Marinka and Kurakhove police chief.

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Remembering the beginning of the nightmare with a roll of bells

In kyiv, the beginning of the nightmare for the Ukrainian people was remembered at midnight with the ringing of bells. The capital is far from the worst days of the invasion, but the war is still very much alive, even far from the front line.

This kyiv resident puts her trust in the Army and hopes above all for the end of the conflict:

“Actually, a year ago I was more scared, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was quite uneasy. But today we have confidence in our Army. I am calmer. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but today I feel more encouraged,” Kseniia said. , resident in Kiev.

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The fallen in the fight occupy a special place in the commemorations

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky addressed the nation in his speech, explaining how the country has been preparing for the commemorations this Friday.

Some acts in which without a doubt, those who died in the fight against the invader occupy a special place. Many of them, reservists, who answered the call when Russia began its invasion.

Source: Euronews Español


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