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    LifestyleA worker shows how luggage is stored in the hold of an airplane and the video goes viral

    A worker shows how luggage is stored in the hold of an airplane and the video goes viral

    You arrive at the airport, check in your luggage and wait until they call to board. You sit in your seat and place your backpack, bag or similar hand luggage, free of the larger and heavier luggage thanks to check-in.

    But, How does your suitcase travel in the hold? And what does this part of the plane look like and how big is it? These are questions for which there is usually no answer, because passengers do not have access to that area of ​​the aircraft. However, an airport worker has shown it in a video on TikTok, which has gone viral.

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    This is Chris Simonsson, who has more than 20,000 followers on his account, with the username wheos__. Most of his videos have a few thousand views, but there is one that stands out above all the others.

    Do you want to be the first to pick up your checked bag at the airport? Pay attention to this infallible trick

    This one has as text under the post “daily stacking” (daily stacking or stacking) and, already within the video, shows “what does 110 suitcases look like inside the belly of an airplane”.

    In format timelapse and with the song I love you so (from The King Khan & BBQ Show) in the background, he shows netizens what an airplane hold looks like inside, how luggage is stored, and how suitcases travel in a pile.

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    In order to get all the luggage into the plane’s hold, Simonsson deploys a kind of roller or folding belt along the floor, over which the suitcases are passed so that he will stack them one by one from the bottom.

    The video has 8 million views.more than 340,000 likes and about 3,000 comments.

    In them, users from various parts of the world (in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French or Italian) show their surprise at how the process is carried out or aspects such as how small and narrow space is —Many speak of the “claustrophobia” they would have.

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    “I’ve always wondered how they put all the luggage on a plane”, “I never realized how much work was involved” and “It’s the first time I know and see how they do it” are some of them.

    In addition, several make a comparison with the game of tetris: “Exactly”, admits the worker and author of the video.

    “What is the most number of suitcases you have stored?”, asks another of the users. Simonsson replies: “Some 200“.


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