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    TechnologyA worker at an iPhone factory is reduced in salary for spending too much time drinking water, says his colleague

    A worker at an iPhone factory is reduced in salary for spending too much time drinking water, says his colleague

    A man who worked in a Chinese factory assembling the iPhone 14 witnessed how They reduced the salary of a colleague for spending too much time drinking wateraccording to rest of world.

    Nicknamed Hunter, a 34-year-old man who has worked at Foxconn’s factory in Zhengzhou, China, shares with the nonprofit tech publication his vision of what it is work in a windowless workshop assembling iPhones.

    Hunter explains to rest of world that he has held various roles at the plant for more than a decade, most recently working on the iPhone 14 Pro assembly line last year. I worked 10-hour shifts and had to assemble 600 iPhones every day..

    All his movements within the factory were watched by the “xianzhang” —or line managers—, who frequently reprimanded people, according to his account. He had a strict hour break for lunch and, If I had to go to the bathroom, I had to make up the time. lost.

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    Tens of thousands of Chinese live at the mercy of Apple factories (and don’t even work there)

    According to Hunter, it’s hard to tell the difference between day and night at the facility.

    In addition, he has witnessed a colleague receive a lower salary for taking too long to drink water, while another was yelled at for completing only 40 tasks in an hour when others had managed to complete 60.

    Hunter, who was rarely the target of line managers, told the publication that he hated the humiliation he suffered at work and that he felt stripped of his “rights and dignity”but that the salary helped him maintain his composure.

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    rest of world reports that if newly recruited workers worked 10-hour shifts for 6 days a week, they could earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, or $1,474 (1,356 euros per monthto the current change).

    A tiny screw explains why Apple doesn’t assemble its iPhones and MacBooks in the United States

    The Foxconn factory, also known as “iPhone City”, is the world’s largest manufacturer of Apple iPhones and has only recently resumed production near full capacity after suffering an outbreak of COVID-19, according to Reuters.

    In November last year, hundreds of workers protested at the plant over its strict covid restrictions and claims they were being paid late, reports BBCNews.

    At the time, the company issued a statement amid the protests apologizing for a “technical error” that “occurred during the onboarding process” and caused payment delays. In accordance with Financial TimesApple hired one of Foxconn’s biggest rivals, Luxshare, to help make iPhones after the protests.

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    This is inside iPhone City, the Chinese city where half of the iPhones in the world are manufactured

    On January 9, Hunter left the factory to return to his hometown. share to rest of world that he hopes he won’t go back to Foxconn for the next mass-produced iPhones, but that he can’t be “absolutely sure.”

    Foxconn and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insidercarried out outside normal working hours.


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