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A woman arrested for the death of the young Ariadna Lopez in Tepoztlan

Vanessa N., arrested for her alleged relationship with the death of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez.SSC CDMX

The Mexico City police have arrested a 20-year-old girl this Sunday, allegedly related to the death of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez. Last week, the body of the second appeared lying on a road in Tepoztlan, in Morelos, with bruises and some scratches. The woman had been hours before at a party in the Condesa neighborhood, in Mexico City.

The Morelos Prosecutor’s Office, which took on the case in the first days, reported that the woman died of bronchial aspiration, which is caused when food and drinks enter the respiratory tract. But the family of Lopez, who was 27, demanded a thorough investigation. First, because of the blows that her body presented. And then, because of the strangeness that the woman, who had been quietly in the capital the night before, had turned up dead tens of kilometers away.

This Sunday’s arrest thus points to Lopez’s party mates. The young detainee, Vanessa N., was with the woman on the night she died, along with her boyfriend, in the latter’s apartment. In their statement, the Mexico City police explain: “There is information that establishes that the detainee was present at the time the victim lost her life inside the apartment of her sentimental partner, where they arrived after having been in custody. a local restaurant.

The arrest has occurred in Ecatepec, in the State of Mexico. The police of the capital have collaborated with the authorities of the neighboring region for the capture. The head of government of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum, has reported the case in a message posted on her Twitter account. “The investigation carried out is solid and clear, and our commitment is to stop all those responsible”, she has written.

Until now, it is unknown what happened on the night of the events, the reasons that Vanessa N. and her boyfriend would have had to leave their friend’s body on a rural road. Local media have pointed out the thesis that on the night of Lopez’s death, there were more people in the apartment of the detainee’s boyfriend. The authorities so far have only spoken of two people.

In 2021, close to 4,000 women were murdered in Mexico, according to official figures. Until the month of September of this year (date of the last update), a total of 695 femicides have been registered by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System. Every day seven women disappear and more than 10 are murdered. Of the homicides, less than 10% are solved.

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