News Latin America A Volaris plane suffers severe turbulence after being caught in a storm

A Volaris plane suffers severe turbulence after being caught in a storm

The crew of Flight 512 were terrified. The Volaris plane in which they were traveling from Tijuana to Monterrey last Friday was caught in a storm of hail, strong winds and electrical discharges that left even the bravest paralyzed. The videos show a father holding tightly to his two children and a lady who is recorded just at the moment the plane makes a small jump. She rises slightly from her seat and gives a terrified cry. Flashes of lightning enter through the open windows and inside the plane, only the thunderous noise of turbulence can be heard.

“We have broken windshields,” says the pilot to the control cabin, in an audio that has emerged from the conversation they had in the middle of the flight. The pilot realizes that he cannot land in Monterey and requests permission to land in another place further away from the storm. The plane, from the Volaris company, finally made an emergency landing at the Torreon airport, in the State of Coahuila, at 1:30 in the morning on Saturday. All the crew members are safe and a few hours later they boarded a new plane that took them to Monterrey. Indeed, the left front windshield is cracked and the nose of the plane is worn by the constant impact of hail.

One of the crew members, Ricardo Espeleta, tells the newspaper The North that, for a few moments, the passengers feared the worst. Espeleta assures that before arriving in Monterrey, the pilot was informed of the storm that was on the route and he was given two alternatives, divert and land in Zacatecas or fly over Saltillo until the storm passed. He took the second option and then tried to land, although the weather conditions had not improved, the testimony says. Volaris has not reported the pilot’s reasons for landing if he knew of the strong storm on the surface.



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