NewsWorldA shooter leaves six dead at various points in a small Mississippi village

A shooter leaves six dead at various points in a small Mississippi village

Six people have been shot to death in the small town of Arkabutla, in Tate County in the state of Mississippi (USA), on a bloody Friday in this community of barely 300 inhabitants. As confirmed by the county sheriff, Brad Lance, the events occurred on the morning of this Friday.

At around 11 in the morning, a man was shot at the exit of a store, which alerted the authorities. As they arrived, the suspect killed another womanwhose body was inside his house, while another neighbor was injured, but did not die.

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The action of the agents who went to the usually quiet town allowed the suspect to be detained in his car on the road that crosses the community, but they did not know that he had still left four more deadtwo inside a house and another two not far from the suspect’s home.

Although his identity has not been revealed, it has been known that he is a resident of the area. His motivation is also unknown.

Arkabutla is little more than a village with little to no activity, apart from a Baptist church, a small grocery store, and a gas station. Located about 65 kilometers south of the city of Memphis (Tennessee), it is more of an area through a road that, moreover, is not too busy.

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