News Latin America A protester dies in Buenos Aires (Argentina) after being arrested

A protester dies in Buenos Aires (Argentina) after being arrested

A protester dies in Buenos Aires (Argentina) after being arrested


A protester has died this Thursday in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, after allegedly suffering a heart attack after being detained by the Police during a protest against the electoral system in front of the Obelisk.

The deceased is Facundo Morales, 47, who supposedly began to convulse after being arrested, and his colleagues have assured that the Police hit him several times, according to what the newspaper ‘La Nacion’ reported.

However, the director of the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME), Alberto Crescenti, has declared that the “decompensation” suffered by Morales could have been due to a massive heart attack and that his team has not seen blows “under any point of view “.

“I don’t know but from what I see, and surely we have to wait for the autopsy, it may have been a massive heart attack. I can’t really say that it was due to a police coup. We don’t see coups under any point of view. We have the images of a policeman giving him cardiac resuscitation”, explained Crescenti.

Morales, a member of the Popular Rebellion organization, had been arrested along with three other colleagues after trying to burn an urn and, after the police intervened to prevent it, they began to “attack the uniformed men,” according to police sources.

After collapsing, the police officers tried to revive him using cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) maneuvers, after which he was transferred to the Hospital Ramos Mejia hospital, where his death was certified.

“We were repudiating the candidates who are everywhere today and are the same ones who govern and kill the people. We did an act that did not last an hour. We were withdrawing and the city police grabbed our partner from behind and gave him so many blows that he went into shock. We waited 45 minutes for SAME. It took a long time. They did CPR for 12 minutes and they took him away. It was obvious that the companero had died,” said Liz Marina, a member of Popular Rebellion.



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