HealthA pill achieves total remission of cancer in 18 patients with leukemia

A pill achieves total remission of cancer in 18 patients with leukemia

A pill achieves total remission of cancer in 18 patients with leukemia

The medicine It advances a little more every day, achieving, together with technology, achievements that a few years ago would have been impossible even to imagine. In this case, the advancement of medicine brings us a experimental pill who has got the complete remission of cancer in 18 people who were most seriously ill (their tumors did not respond to any treatment). The 18 patients were sick with AML.

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a type of blood cancer occurs when immature myeloid cells (blood stem cells) in the bone marrow become abnormal and multiply quickly. These abnormal cells they can’t work properly and eventually replace healthy bone marrow cells, causing decreased production of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Unfortunately, it is one of the most frequent cancers among adults: around 120,000 cases per year and a survival of only 25% after three years.

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What is this experimental pill?

The pill has a name: revumenib. It is an experimental pill with which researchers have achieved the disappearance of cancer In almost one in three patients who participated in the study conducted in the United States. According to ghayas issaphysician at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, “We believe that this drug is extraordinarily effective and we hope that it will be available to all patients who need it”. One of the cases in which this drug has worked is that of Soulgiant Daugelaite, a 23-year-old Lithuanian architect who nearly died from acute myeloid leukemia two years ago. After having undergone several treatments that did not work, she started taking the pills ‘revumenib’, which not only worked, but saved her life. Still this not so in all cases, since researchers have only focused on two genetic subtypes in which a protein called menin facilitates the progression of leukemia. The pill in question binds to this protein, inhibiting it.

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In short, this new pill that inhibits the menin protein has saved life than 18 people and has gotten several pharmaceutical companies starting to develop similar drugs. According to Dr. Ghayas Issa, this innovative drug could benefit almost 400,000 people suffering from acute myeloid leukemia.


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