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A mother is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her five-year-old daughter in an exorcism

The United States court sentenced a woman, Shekinah Akba, this week for the murder of her five-year-old daughter in February 2020. It occurred in Cobb County, in the state of Georgiawhere the mother has confessed that she performed “an exorcism to expel evil spirits” on the little girl.

The emergency services went to the family home that afternoon alerted by the mother herself, who initially justified the state of the girl -with severe blows- with an attack by her neighbors who “They had locked her in the bathroom”.

Subsequently, he confessed to having subjected his daughter to an alleged exorcism for which he was rendered unconscious.

He revealed that he had “hit and bitten” her, in addition to torturing and suffocating her, the final reason why the girl had lost consciousness and for which the doctors could not do anything to save her life. Little she needed a tracheal cannula to breathe that had been stripped from him.

This cute little girl was brutally tortured, bitten and abused for at least 12 hours by the person in the world who was supposed to love her unconditionally and protect her at all costs. The betrayal she must have felt is unimaginable,” Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Green said at the trial.

Once the life sentence is known, after Shekinah Akba pleaded guilty, the defense will file an appeal alleging that the mother is “mentally ill”.



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