News USA A Miami Beach liquor store files a lawsuit over the curfew for...

A Miami Beach liquor store files a lawsuit over the curfew for the sale of alcohol

(CNN) — A South Beach business owner is suing the city of Miami Beach over a recently passed ordinance that would prohibit liquor stores from selling or distributing alcohol after 6:30 p.m. local time Thursday through Sunday.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the owners of Gulf Liquors are asking the court for an emergency temporary injunction alleging irreparable and irreversible economic damage as a result of the loss of profits that the business expects to obtain from one of the “most profitable weeks in its history.” “.

The injunction argues that the Miami Beach City Council is being selective with its enforcement by targeting only South Beach liquor stores. “The city’s alleged justifications for the ordinance are arbitrary because they only apply to South Beach businesses, not those immediately outside of South Beach (which are also in the city of Miami Beach) and because they do not quantify the economic impact of the proposed restriction,” the lawsuit alleges.

The city of Miami Beach announced Wednesday that, in anticipation of large crowds, security measures will be maintained throughout South Beach to help mitigate behavior. These measures include a ban on the sale of alcohol from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. local time Thursday through Sunday at all businesses in the South Beach neighborhood.

The city of Miami Beach declared a state of emergency last weekend following two fatal shootings and excessive crowding in South Beach, according to CNN.

Miami Beach city attorney Rafael Paz told CNN in a statement: “We have not been notified of any lawsuit, but if and when we are, we will defend the emergency order and the city’s right to impose measures to protect residents and visitors by restricting the sale of alcoholic beverages that fuel chaos on the streets.Last year, the circuit court upheld a much more restrictive emergency order in almost identical circumstances and we are confident that the court finds in our favor in this case as well”.



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