News Latin America A bomb threat forces the evacuation of the Argentine government headquarters

A bomb threat forces the evacuation of the Argentine government headquarters

The Casa Rosada, seat of the Government of Argentina, and the Ministry of Defense had to be evacuated this Thursday night due to a bomb threat. Federal Police personnel, along with members of the explosives brigade and firefighters, have participated in a security operation in search of explosives after receiving a couple of calls shortly before eight o’clock at night, as confirmed by police sources.

Calls directed to 911 warned of the presence of bombs in both buildings. The threats did not alter the presidential agenda, which included the presence of Alberto Fernandez at the Ministry of Defense to participate in the annual camaraderie dinner of the Armed Forces together with Minister Jorge Taiana.

“Argentina, our homeland, will celebrate four decades of uninterrupted democracy next year. That, which should make us proud, is clouded by a hate speech that is sown in society, seeking to increase division and discouragement, “said the Argentine president during his speech before the start of the dinner.

The threats come weeks after a man tried to assassinate Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner with a gun outside her home in the upscale Recoleta neighborhood. Fernando Sabag Montiel managed to get close to Kirchner and trigger the gun a few centimeters from his face, but no bullet came out and the vice president escaped unscathed. Since then, the Peronist government has intensified security measures to prevent new threats.

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