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    Health8 sex toys that are much more popular than the Satisfyer

    8 sex toys that are much more popular than the Satisfyer

    He satisfyer was the star gadget of last year, breaking many taboos in relation to masturbation and female sexuality and opening much debate on the subject of sexual health.

    In fact, the sex gadgets they have begun to be officially recognized as technological products. At the last CES (Consumer Electronics Show), one of the largest technology fairs held at the beginning of January, for the first time these devices slipped into the health and wellness section of the fair.

    In 2019, a great controversy had been generated at the same event when a vibrator from the Lora DiCarlo company received an award for innovation in the category and robotics. However, the CTA (organizing company of the CES) annulled it, alluding to a rule by which ?immoral? or ?obscene? they were disqualified. This did the organization a disservice and gave it a very bad press for its rejection of these devices, something that they tried to compensate for in the next edition.

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    Added to this advance, the enormous popularity and sales of the Satisfyer, partly due to its competitive retail price, have opened up ground that for many women and men was hitherto unexplored. No one can deny him that role, but it is certainly not the only option of this type that is sold. It all depends on tastes.

    It must be taken into account that the Satisfyer Pro 2its most famous and sold model, It is a clitoral sucker, not a vibrator. They are two different things. It does not vibrate by friction, but rather emits a series of waves that help stimulate the entire internal structure of the clitoris, not just its superficial area.

    If you are thinking of buying a sex toy for yourself, as a gift for your partner or to enjoy the two of them, there are several things that you should take into account. The price is one of the most important. It’s no secret that until now these sex toys have been a bit expensive. However, in the last year many cheap alternatives have emerged. It all depends on what you are looking for, but you can find proposals for between 20 and 100 euros.

    The material is another detail that you have to consider and that can also increase the cost. most are made of plastic or silicone, however, these can be more or less realistic or smooth. It is common for them to be sold with water resistance, in case you want to use them in the shower or taking a relaxing bath, but this is not always the case.

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    You should also take a look at the system they have or the modes (as we said, sucker and vibrator are different). There are very complete ones, with many vibration modes that vary the movement, cadence or intensity. You must consider which area you want to stimulate: clitoris, vagina, anus (or maybe all), because each dildo or vibrator can be designed for a specific area.

    Taking these aspects into account, these would be some of the best sex toys that you can buy as an alternative to the Satisfyer:

    kiss play vibrator

    kiss play vibrator

    For quite a while now it has been the best-selling G-spot vibrator on Amazon, with a large number of ratings. It was out of the store for a while, but now it’s back on the market.

    The best thing about this article is that it is a 2 in 1. His sucker function It has several modes, which is a great advantage. Something similar happens with the vibration function. Furthermore, both functions can be combined at the same time.

    The device has two parts, each with its own motor, and can easily be folded to be used in different games. It has a body of up to 18 cm insertable.

    Another interesting detail is that it can be charged via USB. 3 hours are enough for a full charge, providing 2 hours of autonomy.

    Buy the Kissplay vibrator for 27 euros

    Leweiko Remote Massager

    Leweiko Remote MassagerLeweiko Remote Massager

    The Satisfyer is very designed for onanism alone or with our partner in person, but what happens if the other person is miles away? A gadget like the following combined with a video call can save the day.

    The Leweiko massager can be controlled via a mobile app available for iOS and Android. That means that the other person can have control of the pleasure, even when they are far away. It can also be controlled via Bluetooth.

    These types of games can bring a lot of morbidity and eroticism to the couple. The woman can wear the massager in any public place and the vibration can start without warning.

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    The app is also designed to be able to connect with different peoplein case you maintain an open or polyamorous relationship or simply have several rolls with which to experiment.

    A very striking function of the gadget is that it can vibrate to the rhythm of the music, synchronizing with any style or genre.

    Buy the Leweiko remote massager for 60 euros

    Chinese balls Fidech

    Chinese balls FidechChinese balls Fidech

    The Chinese balls They are another classic of sex toys. Unlike other gadgets of this style, they do not stimulate on the outside, but rather they are inserted into the vagina. Their key is the friction they produce and the vibration inside.

    In addition to being used for pleasure purposes, this gadget can also be highly recommended for strengthen the pelvic floor and perform Kegell exercises.

    To start it you must keep the button pressed for 3 seconds until the indicator light comes on and then you can use the remote control to change the frequency. This command has up to 10 meters of coverage.

    The material from which the balls are made is soft silicone, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

    Another advantage is that they are silent, not exceeding 50 db of noise when used.

    Buy the Chinese Fidech balls for 26 euros

    Fidech clitoral sucker

    Fidech clitoral suckerFidech clitoral sucker

    If he Satisfyer seems a bit expensive to you for what it does and you’d like to pay a lot less for such a sex gadget, here’s a clitoral sucker that costs less than half.

    The Fidech sucker may be a little rougher than the famous toy, but it has 10 different modes ranging from soft to hard.

    It is waterproof and is made of silicone, ABS and resin. It is totally healthy and ultra-soft.

    You can charge it via USB with your computer or even a power bank to take it anywhere. After 3 hours of charging you can use it for 2 hours continuously.

    In addition to its discreet box, a velvet bag is included for you to store it and keep it protected and clean.

    Buy the Fidech clitoral sucker for 25 euros

    XJWZ Dildo Sucker

    suction dildosuction dildo

    The classic dildos, which have the appearance and shape of a penis, have also begun to incorporate an additional suction function. This model is a sample of it.

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    It’s not too big or thick and it’s silicone. It has 14 modes of vibration. It is designed so that it can be used by both men and women and that it is valid for the vagina and anus.

    To this is added a small sucker designed for them that is strategically placed to stimulate the clitoris while it is inserted.

    Like other gadgets that we have included in the selection, it can also be charged via USB.

    Buy the dildo sucker for 30 euros

    PALFC sucker

    tongue suckertongue sucker

    This curious model is actually a vibrator, not a sucker, which mimics a human tongue in appearance inside a mouth

    Thus, the article allows the silicone tongue to make movements that would simulate cunnilingus.

    It has a powerful suction cup, so you can fix it to a surface, such as the floor, a wall or a table and thus you don’t have to worry about holding it.

    Buy the PALFC tongue sucker for 25 euros

    QMMYA Sucking Vibrator

    QMMYA sucking vibratorQMMYA sucking vibrator

    This gadget has a somewhat different formula. It has a vibrator at one end and the clitoral sucker is located right at the opposite end, which also has a curious suction cup and something similar to the tongue that we have seen in the previous product. This offers heat for further stimulation, reaching 42 degrees.

    When used as a vibrator covers 14 cm insertable. To this is added a small projection designed for the clitoris of 4.5 cm.

    The article has 12 different vibration modes and it turns out quite silent (it makes less than 40 db).

    If you buy it for this Black Friday you get a 3% discount. Also, it has free shipping.

    Buy the QMMYA sucking vibrator for 28 euros

    squirrel sucker

    squirrel suckersquirrel sucker

    They say that this squirrel can travel around Spain jumping from clitoris to clitoris, but for hygiene and health reasons it is best to be selfish and only use it yourself. The squirrel’s mouth acts as a sucker, while its tail is used as a vibrator.

    The article has 10 vibration and 5 suction modes. The latter would imitate a breath.

    The pink version is more discounted, but you can also get it in purple.

    Buy the squirrel sucker for 35 euros


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