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    Technology7 AI applications beyond ChatGPT that can help you increase your productivity

    7 AI applications beyond ChatGPT that can help you increase your productivity

    The AI revolution it is a fact and the whole world is conforming to it.

    From the ChatGPT conversational chatbot built by OpenAI to image generators like DALL-E, AI tools have attracted millions of people in recent months.

    Although it is still early to say that AI will replace jobs, it is indisputable that artificial intelligence tools have the potential to make workers more productive to perform specific tasks such as research or time management.

    A recent Microsoft study surveyed 2,700 employees and 1,800 business decision makers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan to find out their views on digital productivity tools.

    He 85% of them said they wanted more AI tools to automate your daily tasks so you can have more time for the most important work.

    Business Insider has carried out research with experts to develop a list of the 7 AI Apps Anyone Can Use To Eliminate Small Tasks and be more productive at work.

    Welcome to the age of ‘AI-nsiety’: everyone fears that artificial intelligence will take over our jobs and our lives


    Brain.fm is an AI-based engine that generates music to help users relax and focus.

    If someone gets distracted in a busy office or noisy house and prevents you from concentrating on work, Music is a good resource to isolate yourself from noise.

    But not all music is optimal for concentrating. That’s where a tool like Brain.fm can come in handy.

    Is Radio-like app uses AI to generate music specifically designed “to help users focus, relax and sleep,” according to the company itself.

    The generated music, which is backed by a team of scientists and composers, according to the company, contains different variations of ambient noise designed for different moods, either for deep concentration or to relax.

    Mark Ellis, a youtuber of technology, he stated in a review on the application of Brain.fm had made him “far more productive than I’ve ever been in my entire life”. Brain.fm “can save you a lot of time.”

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    Users can do a 3-day free trial. After that, the price is $6.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


    Grammarly uses AI to detect grammatical errors in texts.Grammarly uses AI to detect grammatical errors in texts.

    Most jobs require some form of writing. And what is more embarrassing than grammatical errors in documents and emails important?

    Grammarly helps detect errors in texts. It already has 30 million users and 50,000 computers worldwide. The AI ​​tool makes suggestions about word choice and sentence structure, checks for plagiarism, generates citations and reviews essays, the company says.

    These are the 6 alternatives to ChatGPT: Microsoft’s commitment to OpenAI competes against giants such as Google or the Chinese technology Baidu

    “Grammarly is useful for anyone who writes,” he explains to Business Insider Deb Lee, productivity consultant to entrepreneurs and small business owners. “It’s very good at automatically detecting errors and plagiarism.”

    A basic version of Grammarly can be downloaded for free. The plans premium they are available for more advanced features such as word choice and pitch suggestions.


    The email management platform, Missive, has just introduced an artificial intelligence tool capable of generating emails.The email management platform, Missive, has just introduced an artificial intelligence tool capable of generating emails.

    Francesco D’Alessio, the productivity app critic behind the channel Youtube Keep Productive, has discussed the advantages of this tool with Business Insider.

    Missive is an email and chat management platform that has recently introduced an AI feature of OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT. The new feature generates email responses based on what the user asks it to do.

    Users can ask Missive to write an email to, say, schedule a meeting on a certain day, and the app will return a response within seconds. The message can be further adjusted by asking you to write in a certain style or tone.

    Users can also choose from preset messages such as “reply positive” or “reply negative”.

    D’Alessio claimed in a 2018 review that was impressed with the tool. He has been using Missive for over 2 years and notes in his latest post about the app that the new AI-powered feature is “a really exciting step forward, especially for email.”

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    Missive offers a free version with limited features, and prices increase as users increase their use of the app.


    Motion serves as a personal AI assistant that can create personalized work schedules.Motion serves as a personal AI assistant that can create personalized work schedules.

    If planning your busy workday is stressful or time consuming, Motion is the solution.

    AI personal assistant tool can automatically build a work schedule prioritizing daily tasks, meetings and projects. You can also generate business plans for different ideas and help organize meetings.

    Google will include artificial intelligence in Gmail: the company tries to stop the threat posed by the union between Microsoft and OpenAI

    Lee, the productivity expert, assures Business Insider that Motion “saves time, since one of the main things people struggle with is determine which tasks are most important“.

    According to Lee, D’Alessio also recommends this app to Business Insider.

    Motion offers a 7-day free trial, and then costs $19/month for individual users and $12/month for teams.


    Otter.ai is an audio to text transcription tool. Otter.ai is an audio to text transcription tool.

    Transcription of interviews and writing meeting notes can be tedious and inefficient. Why do it manually when a robot can do it for you?

    Otter.ai is an AI transcription tool that automatically generates text from an audio or video recording.

    “Otter.ai is ideal for podcasters and video creators who want to transcribe their content,” Lee explains.

    The tool can also act as a virtual assistant during work meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet transcribing what is said in real time, thus eliminating the need for notes to be taken by hand.

    “That means more time to work on meeting action items,” Lee says. “It’s a great victory.”

    Otter.ai offers different plans. There is the free basic version that can transcribe up to 300 minutes of audio per month, also the version pro that can transcribe 1,200 minutes for $8.33 per month and the enterprise version that can transcribe 6,000 minutes per month and generate analytics for $20 per month.

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      Qatalog uses AI to create an online workspace and help businesses stay organized.  Qatalog uses AI to create an online workspace and help businesses stay organized.

    Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or overseeing multiple teams in a large company, staying organized is key to running your company.

    Qatalog can help organize a user’s workplaceassures Business Insider D’Alessio, critic of productivity applications.

    The tool uses AI to generate an online space based on the specific needs of a company. It also automates work processes, such as employee onboarding, and generates guides to implement new processes, such as content creation.

    Qatalog takes an “impressive approach” when it comes to create templates for complex documents, such as project proposals and hiring processes, and is “ideal for teams” looking to save time “planning their workspaces,” says D’Alessio.

    Users can get a 14-day free trial. Afterwards, it costs 9 dollars (8.42 euros) per month. In addition, there is a version for companies for a negotiable price.


    RescueTime is an artificial intelligence time tracking tool.RescueTime is an artificial intelligence time tracking tool.

    A good one time management It’s one of the hardest things when looking to be productive, especially with a demanding job.

    RescueTime is an artificial intelligence time tracking tool used by more than 2 million people, according to the company. The app seeks to help users stay on task, Lee explains to Business Insider.

    RescueTime monitors the time users spend online and can automatically classify the web pages they visit based on what the app considers a productive use of time. In addition, it blocks apps and pages that it finds distracting.

    The app also provides “smart training” analyzing the user’s work behavior and sending them a notification if it detects that they are being too distracted. also can generate a daily productivity score.

    These features “can be very motivating” for users to reach their productivity goals and improve daily, “which of course will make your future self happy,” says Lee.

    RescueTime offers a two-week free trial. Their plans start at $6.50 per month.


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